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Peruse this science curriculum to find anything you might need to benefit your science classroom. Put to use the broad scope of intriguing science curriculum materials found here as a tool to act as a guide to improve the way you teach, and the way your students learn. Use this science curriculum as a building block to enhance the science education of your children, while simplifying your life! The resources, materials and lessons here are ideal for choosing your own science curriculum for your classroom and child.
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CodeMonkey - Learn real programming | Homeschool edition
CodeMonkey - Learn real programming | Homes...
CodeMonkey is an educational game environment where students learn to code in a real programming language. Using CoffeeScript, a modern open-source programming language, the students will be able to... Read More
Bee Mini-lesson: Pre-Writing and Number Activities - US Version (Letter)
Bee Mini-lesson: Pre-Writing and Number Act...
Want to know what our lessons are all about? Check out Busy Bees, it's 1 complete lesson for classroom and homeschool teachers!
Waiting for Winter: Snowflake Science Unit
Waiting for Winter: Snowflake Science Unit
This thematic unit contains science, math and literacy across the curriculum activities – as children classify, analyze, inquire about and research snowflakes: including what snow is, snowflake... Read More
Circuit Craft Pack
Circuit Craft Pack
Everything you need to create circuit projects with your students.
Biology Curriculum for Homeschoolers: FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE
Biology Curriculum for Homeschoolers: FREE ...
This 30-week technology-based high school Biology curriculum makes a great alternative for any student that has difficulty focusing on or reading a science textbook. The weekly lesson guides include... Read More
Water Cycle Jigsaw Puzzle
Free Shipping
Water Cycle Jigsaw Puzzle
Your students will love learning about the water cycle with this standards-aligned jigsaw puzzle. Includes a downloadable companion lesson plan filled with fun and engaging activities.
Accredited Private Christian School Program - 6 Full Year Courses: 9th Grade
Accredited Private Christian School Program...
The MorningStar Academy provides you with college preparatory courses that students work on at their own pace on any device, anywhere and anytime. Students are taught by our dedicated team of... Read More
St. Patrick's Day - FREEBIE
St. Patrick's Day - FREEBIE
Simple Science Activity for Young Children
Habitat and Life of a Chick Sensory Box WITH Life Cycle Vocabulary Cards
Habitat and Life of a Chick Sensory Box WIT...
 Habitat and Life cycle Sensory Box. (Total 30 Pieces). Sensory box is a wonderful tactile sensory play activity for kids all ages. This sensory box is large enough to let your child explore without... Read More
Electronics Curriculum LED Scope Part 1:  Basic Electronics
Electronics Curriculum LED Scope Part 1: B...
This hands-on, self-instructional curriculum - course is a must for those students who have an interest in electronics. LED Scope Part 1 & 2 is a complete course in Electronics, but Part 1 can be... Read More

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