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Fascinating Biology
Fascinating Biology
In Fascinating Biology, you will learn the basic principles of biology, including the components of life: cell membranes, taking in nutrients, creating chemical energy, growing and repairing,... Read More
Fascinating Rocks & Minerals Alphabet Letters A - Z Full Course Curriculum (PowerPoints with Study Guides)
Fascinating Rocks & Minerals Alphabet L...
Here is a free sample of the first lesson found here: http://www.educents.com/catalog/product/view/id/21665 ... Read More
Bee Mini-lesson: Pre-Writing and Number Activities - UK Version (A4)
Bee Mini-lesson: Pre-Writing and Number Act...
Want to know what our lessons are all about? Check out Busy Bees, it's 1 complete lesson for classroom and homeschool teachers!
CodeMonkey - Learn real programming | Classroom edition
CodeMonkey - Learn real programming | Class...
CodeMonkey is an educational game environment where students learn to code in a real programming language. Using CoffeeScript, a modern open-source programming language, the students will be able to... Read More
How a Spider Eats
How a Spider Eats
This is a TOTALLY FUN and classroom favorite experiment. It is a perfect way to end your spider or matter unit. You can use this to discuss matter or just for spider information.
Jigsaw Puzzle - Plant Structures and Animal Behaviors
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Jigsaw Puzzle - Plant Structures and Animal...
Standards-based jigsaw puzzle of Plant Structures and Animal Behaviors for middle grades includes downloadable lesson plan.
Ants: A Complete Unit Study
Ants: A Complete Unit Study
How are ant colonies like communities? How are they good examples of diligence and industriousness?
Accredited Private Christian School Program - 6 Full Year Courses: 11th Grade
Accredited Private Christian School Program...
The MorningStar Academy provides you with college preparatory courses that students work on at their own pace on any device, anywhere and anytime. Students are taught by our dedicated team of... Read More
Electronics Curriculum LED Scope Part 1 & 2: LED Array Oscilloscope
Electronics Curriculum LED Scope Part 1 &am...
“If you have a student interested in really learning the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how electronics work, then . . . your student will be eager to do Part 2 as well.” Home School Enrichment... Read More

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