6th Grade

6th grade is another year of increased demands as students start middle school. An emphasis is put on reading comprehension and written analysis of text. Students should be reading and responding to a wide variety of written text through numerous genres. Student response to text should also be increasing in complexity and analysis. While there may still be some multiple choice responses, students will see more and more short answer and essay responses to their reading. In math, students will build on their previous knowledge as they begin exploring the world of algebraic concepts. In addition to these increased academic demands, kids in this grade are also undergoing many internal demands as well with puberty, peer pressure, and growth spurts. Although we can't directly help with the growth spurts and puberty, you will find many amazing products on Educents that can help you meet the academic needs of your 6th grade students. You can find a variety of writing resources that will help your 6th grader here on Educents!
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Life of Fred - Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt

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Science DVD Collection

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