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Butterfly Garden


  • Grades: Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade

  • Subjects: Science, STEM

  • Product Type: Toy

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Product Description

Watch caterpillars become butterflies right before your very eyes! With this special mesh habitat and detailed instructions, it's easy and fun to care for your own metamorphosing butterflies.
Experience the miracle of metamorphosis!

Use the included coupon to order your own cup of LIVE caterpillars and then watch for the next ten to twelve days as they squirm around and grow (Up to ten times their size!) while feeding on the food that's included in the cup.

All you need to do is keep them out of direct sunlight and make sure they're not too hot or too cold!

Then, something amazing happens - Covering themselves with strands of silk, the caterpillars will hang upside down from the lid and actually harden into chrysalides.

(Here's where the pop-up butterfly habitat comes in.)

Carefully move the chrysalides into the habitat and then wait for another seven to ten days.

Finally - THE MIRACLE! - Beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies will magically emerge from the cocoons, spread their wings, and begin to flutter around the mesh container excitedly!

Follow along with the detailed instructions to learn how to make a sugary nectar for the butterflies to eat.

You can even place flowers in the habitat and cover them with the nectar to get the butterflies used to finding food from flowers!

Ready to enjoy the miracle all over again? - Once it's above fifty-five degrees outside, you can set the butterflies free and then order yourself another batch of caterpillars.

You'll be a real butterfly farmer!

Complete with detailed instructions and all the tools you need to care for your butterflies, the Butterfly Garden is a fun, easy, and beautiful experience kids will cherish forever.

Butterfly Garden
  • Beautiful reusable habitat for raising butterflies
  • Encourages an appreciation for nature, an interest in entomology
  • Watch a real metamorphosis happen right before your eyes!
  • Caterpillars become colorful Painted Lady butterflies
  • Cup of caterpillars includes food - Extremely easy to care for caterpillars
  • Move caterpillars to habitat once they've hardened into Chrysalides
  • Watch the butterflies emerge from the Chrysalides!
  • Instruction guide features fun activities for the classroom or at home
  • Includes pop-up 11.5-inch tall mesh habitat, feeding pipette, caterpillar coupon
  • Detailed activity guide and care instructions included
  • Caterpillars not included - Use included coupon to order caterpillars from Insect Lore
  • Order caterpillars again to reuse habitat as many times as you like
  • Habitat collapses easily for storage when not holding butterflies
  • High quality design and materials for exceptional butterfly-growing experience

    Please note: Features a coupon to redeem for Painted Lady butterfly larvae & food so no catching is required, of which 3-5 butterflies will develop.
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      Verry Happy
      Mar 01, 2017

      waiting for the baby butterflys to get shipped then it will be a great learning experience..this is an Easter present and the 2nd one I have purchased.

      Hannah C
      Product review of Butterfly Garden
      Feb 22, 2017

      Great item Taught 1st grade for 37 years and used Insect Lore often Dependable company Bought this one for my granddaughter Want her to experience it Still encourage teachers to use it

      Alice C
      My rating of Butterfly Garden
      Feb 14, 2017

      Very educational. We just received the larvae and food today. Just now starting the process. I plan on getting one for my little girl's preschool class.

      Steve M - Homeschooler
      Feb 14, 2017

      Very nice kit for the children. Very fun to watch them grow! A very good way to get children into nature.

      Steve M - Homeschooler
      A rating of Butterfly Garden
      Jan 05, 2017

      Fun and educational!

      Lauren B - Homeschooler

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