Butterfly Garden Gift Set with Prepaid Voucher

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Product Details

This is the perfect gift! Delight the butterfly lover in your life with this one-of-a-kind butterfly growing kit!
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Product Description

This is the perfect gift! Delight the butterfly lover in your life with this one-of-a-kind butterfly growing kit!

The Butterfly Garden Gift Set with Prepaid voucher includes several butterfly-themed goodies as well as a prepaid voucher to redeem for a Cup of Caterpillars and nutritious caterpillar food.

What's Inside?

  • Prepaid Voucher for a Cup of 5 Caterpillars and nutritious Caterpillar Food
  • Butterfly Habitat with the clearest mesh for optimum butterfly viewing, measuring 12 inches tall and 6 inches wide
  • Caterpillar Quick Guide
  • Feeding Pipette
  • Flower-shaped Butterfly Feeder and Cup Holder
  • 3D Butterfly Stickers
  • Butterfly Wind-Up toy
  • Deluxe Chrysalis Station
  • Butterfly Garden Seeds

Your giftee can simply redeem the prepaid voucher online at InsectLore.com when the time is right to raise butterflies! This unique butterfly kit includes a cornucopia of treats and the best gift of all - the opportunity to share the Miracle of Butterfly Metamorphosis with family and friends!

The Butterfly Garden Gift Set With Prepaid Voucher is the latest addition to Insect Lore's line of signature butterfly gardens and provides memorable, educational fun for ages 4 and up.

 Due to import restrictions, Insect Lore cannot ship outside the Continental United States. We cannot ship live insects specimens to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, or Mexico. We also cannot ship live product overseas. 


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Insect Lore

Insect Lore is the Original Butterflies-By-Mail Company, founded by entomologist Carlos White. It was Carlos’ dream to provide children with the opportunity to witness the wonder of butterfly metamorphosis up close in the home and classroom. After years of research and development, Insect Lore launched in 1969 with the creation of our beloved flagship butterfly-growing kit, the Live Butterfly Garden. Decades later, Insect Lore ships hundreds of thousands of caterpillars and butterfly kits to excited families and students across the US, the UK and Europe each year. Our innovative product line now includes ladybug, praying mantis and ant growing kits, as well as hands-on educational products that make science more approachable and relatable to young learners.


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