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Gamer's Adventure Series Box Set
Introduction to Computer Science with Minecraft Online Course
Buy together and save an ADDITIONAL $10! Discount applied at checkout.
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Teach your child computer programming skills while reading Six Thrilling Stories for Minecrafters. This is the perfect bundle for ages 8 and up! Save an additional $10 at checkout when these items are purchased together. Discount applied at checkout.
When purchased together, this Bundle includes:

1.  Gamer's Adventure Series Box Set

  • Six Thrilling Stories for Minecrafters:

    - The Quest for the Diamond Sword
    - The Mystery of the Griefer’s Mark
    - The Endermen Invasion
    - Treasure Hunters in Trouble
    - Skeletons Strike Back
    - Clash of the Creepers

2.  Introduction to Computer Science with Minecraft Online Course

  • Students will learn how to craft the coolest Minecraft mods in this interactive online course that teaches the key principles of coding. Students will get BONUS 1-year access to LearnToMod, the most powerful Minecraft modding tool available.
  • Introduction to Computer Science in Minecraft is the same Minecraft modding class featured in Wired, now brought to students online. This online course is taught by the leaders in Computer Science and Coding education at ThoughtSTEM. Introduction to Computer Science in Minecraft is the most engaging way for students to learn coding skills through their favorite video game. The online course utilizes ThoughtSTEM's innovative, LearnToMod software, that makes learning computer science through Minecraft modding fun, interactive, and engaging.
  • Kids will learn the basics of computer science and programming while building their very own Minecraft mods. Students will master key concepts like functions, loops, parameters, variables, boolean logic, and more. Kids will have access to secure, private Minecraft servers which they can use to show off their mods to their friends. After this course, kids will be ready to master Javascript, the most widely used programming language, with their 1-year free access to the LearnToMod Minecraft modding software.
  • What Kids Get
    • 10-weeks worth of educational content: video lectures, homework, and quizzes that teach them how to mod their favorite video game
    • Self-paced format: students can complete the course on their own time
    • Online help whenever they need it
    • Live office hours with the instructors once a week
    • Bonus 1-year subscription to LearnToMod with purchase of the course (see below)

3.  LearnToMod Minecraft ®

  • Did you know kids can learn how to code by modifying (or "modding") Minecraft ®? LearnToMod is a browser-based software that teaches students how to mod using Blockly and Javascript on the Mac OS or Windows version of Minecraft ®. 

  • Includes:
    • Tutorials, videos, and puzzles guide students through basic and complex mod building; soon students will be dreaming up and creating their own mods from scratch. Today's purchase will give your student access to the LearnToMod software and their own private Minecraft for 1 year. 

  • Please note LearnToMod Minecraft ® works on the following operating systems: 
    • You need internet to use the software (it's browser-based.) You also need internet to access the private Minecraft server. 
    • You need a copy of the PC version of Minecraft if you plan to mod on the private Minecraft server. This can be purchase here
    • Any laptop or desktop computer running Windows or Mac is compatible with the software. The software does not work on Chromebooks, tablets, or Linux machines yet.


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