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LearnToMod Minecraft ®
MathCraft and WriteCraft Units
The Manga Guide To Databases
Scratch Programming Playground: Learn to Program by Making Cool Games
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Categories: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, STEM
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Product Description

Teach your child to code with this discounted starter bundle for ages 8 and up! Save an additional $5 at checkout when these items are purchased together. Discount applied at checkout.
Who is it for?

  • Great for ages 8 and up!
  • Most commonly used for 3rd - 7th grade

What's included?

  • LearntoMod Minecraft
    • Did you know kids can learn how to code by modifying (or "modding") Minecraft ®? LearnToMod is a browser-based software that teaches students how to mod using Blockly and Javascript on the Mac OS or Windows version of Minecraft ®.

  • MathCraft and WriteCraft Units
    • - Teach math and writing with kids' favorite game!  Children everywhere love Minecraft®. These downloadable lessons are sure to capture their attention and keep them engaged.  Includes WriteCraft® Unit, Minecraft® Perimeter Unit, Minecraft® Geometry Unit.

  • The Manga Guide To Databases
    • - Databases are one of the tools that define the modern world and have become a very important part of just about every industry. Databases can even be used to help you in your own life. From personal finance to the basics of starting your own business, this cartoon guide is the perfect way to learn how databases can help in many aspects of life.
    • - With its unique combination of Japanese-style comics and serious educational content, The Manga Guide to Databases is just the book for you.

  • Scratch Programming Playground: Learn to Program by Making Cool Games
    • - Scratch, the colorful drag-and-drop programming language, is used by millions of first-time learners, and in Scratch Programming Playground, you'll learn to program by making cool games. Get ready to destroy asteroids, shoot hoops, and slice and dice fruit!
    • - Each game includes easy-to-follow instructions, review questions, and creative coding challenges to make the game your own. Want to add more levels or a cheat code? No problem, just write some code.
      • - Maze Runner: escape the maze!
      • - Snaaaaaake: gobble apples and avoid your own tail
      • - Asteroid Breaker: smash space rocks
      • - Fruit Slicer: a Fruit Ninja clone
      • - Brick Breaker: a remake of Breakout, the brick-breaking classic
      • - Platformer: a game inspired by Super Mario Bros.


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    A great way to learn about databases.
    Mar 07, 2017

    This review is for The Manga Guide To Databases
    Overall this is a great resources for learning about databases. It is written in a a simple, yet informative fashion and would be great for nearly any age. It is written less like a textbook and more like a story.

    Davin K - Super-hero - Member Since February 2016
    Perfect for Minecraft Lovers
    Mar 07, 2017

    This review is for MathCraft and WriteCraft Units
    I'm very excited to use this to supplement our math and writing curriculum for my boys. They'll be so excited that it's Minecraft they won't even realize they're learning.

    Amy B - Homeschooler - Member Since January 2015
    Fun way to learn about coding!
    Mar 07, 2017

    This review is for LearnToMod Minecraft ®
    I purchased this for my two oldest boys (then ages 15 and 11). They have used this product almost daily and have learned how to change things in their Minecraft worlds. Almost a year later, they are still actively spending time in the Learn to Mod Minecraft program. I have recommended this to friends. I found it is a great way to encourage a way to learn code while playing a well-known and fun game of Minecraft.

    Adrienne M - Member Since July 2014
    Mar 07, 2017

    This review is for MathCraft and WriteCraft Units
    I downloaded this the other day and found many great uses!

    SL C - Parent - Member Since April 2015

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