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  • Grades: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade

  • Subjects: All

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Product Description

This is a Bucket Filler Starter Packet includes Bucket Filler Task Cards, Bucket Filler Sorting Cards Bucket Filler Certificates, Bucket Filler Rewards, Bucket Filler Bookmarks and more. This is a great packet to help teachers as they begin to use aBucket Filling Behavior Management Plan.

Who's it For?

  • Teachers who want to reinforce positive behavior in their classrooms.
  • Grade K, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5 teachers and students.

What's Included?

  • To begin with I created two student center activities. One activity is a sorting activity. Students are given a “Bucket Filler” and “Bucket Dipper” Sorting Mat and several situation cards. They are to sort the cards accordingly. My sorting mats are also designed so that you can use them for posters in which students can brainstorm what makes a Bucket Filler or a Bucket Dipper.
  • The other center activity is my Bucket Filler Task Cards. On these cards, students are presented with several realistic situations. They have to determine what a Bucket Filler would do and what a Bucket Dipper would do. A recording sheet is also included with this activity.
  • With my Bucket Dipper Starter Packet I also included a sheet of Reward Coupons. The reward coupon has a blank line for the student’s name and a blank line for the reward you wish to give.
  • I also created two separate designs of certificates. For each design you can choose whether to give the certificate weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  • My packet also comes with a set of 4 uniquely designed Bucket Filler coupons.


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Seveal years ago, I began selling some of my the items I make for my classroom. I'm totally excited to be trying Educents!  I can't wait to see how it works out.

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