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Biscuit: This large ELA unit on Biscuit has over 70 pages of activities. Your kiddos will have so much fun as they learn about Biscuit as well as verbs. There is also a guide on how to use all these Biscuit activities and a cute Biscuit craft.

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What is included?

3 Page Teacher Guide
• writing activity
• Read the paragraph and answer
the questions
• Answer Key
• Word Order
• Making Words
• ABC Order
• Color Verbs
• word bank
blank sheets for the cover
and back, and the dotted line paper for their own book.
• Cut and Glue Pictures of puppies showing actions
• Sentences to match puppies 
• Biscuit or puppy craft
• colored cards - Verb Center.
• black and white cards with the answers if you have students who can’t read the words.
• These black and white cards can also be used as a memory game where they match the verb without-ing to the verb with-ing.
• Recording sheet for Verb center if you want your students to write their answers.
• Vocabulary words from Biscuit on bones- You can cut these
bones out, laminate them, and use them in a reading group, or play
• You could also copy these bone cards twice and use them a memory
• Woof cards
• Original puppy poem 
• There are also pocket chart cards that you can cut and and laminate so students can build the poem in the chart.
• You can also take out the red rhyming cards and have students match the words that rhyme.
• Picture cards that you can choose to match the sentences in the pocket chart.
• Black and White puppy cards with verb cards that match- can be used as puppets
They would color their puppies
and glue a popsicle stick between the picture and word cards,
so they could read the word on the back of the puppets.
Other ideas included in the teacher guides.

Why buy?

This unit on Biscuit has been said to cover many ELA cocepts. There is a cute puppy craft that your kiddos will love to make!


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