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This 30-week technology-based high school Biology curriculum makes a great alternative for any student that has difficulty focusing on or reading a science textbook. The weekly lesson guides includ...
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This 30-week technology-based high school Biology curriculum makes a great alternative for any student that has difficulty focusing on or reading a science textbook. The weekly lesson guides include PowerPoint presentations for content delivery, student worksheets, lab experiments, and activities. *USE CODE "EDUCENTS" at checkout to save $10 on the full price of $155. View the full resource information at Gnature with Gnat's website: http://bit.ly/GnaturewithGnat. (or see the link in the full description below). The full curriculum includes: 700+ PowerPoint slides 31 sets of coinciding student worksheets for thorough note-taking 35 labs and activities Lab supply lists and parent directions Answer keys for all worksheets and labs


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Answers to FAQ:

1. What grade is this curriculum for?

This Biology curriculum works great for students in grades 9 & 10. Of course, if you feel that it is appropriate for your child to do, it can be adjusted for younger or older students. Every student worksheet is editable, so you can add or delete questions to adjust the rigor of the course.

2. What do you mean by "FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE"?

The field of Biology is constantly changing and I'm constantly refining and expanding my materials! The benefit of purchasing a digital curriculum from me is that when a PowerPoint, worksheet, or lab is updated due to new scientific discoveries or just the addition of new or better content, you never need to purchase the "new edition of the textbook". I'll send you an email with the adjusted file for FREE and you can add the new information as your student needs it. What a relief!

3. How is evolution addressed in this curriculum?

Evolution is a topic that students need to understand, whether they agree with it or not. Gnature with Gnat's curriculum provides a details regarding microevolution (adaptations within species) as well as a look into the traditional evidence provided for macroevolution (evolution of whole new types of organisms). A multitude of reputable website links and articles are provided to allow students to gather information in order to form their own views of the creation/evolution debate. This allows parents to guide students during this unit, making it appropriate for any viewpoint on the creation/evolution spectrum.

4. How do I know this curriculum is accurate and thorough?

I'm Anne Morgan, designer of this Biology curriculum and owner of Gnature with Gnat Science Resources. I have over 13 years of experience teaching Biology, Physical Science, and Environmental Science courses in both public school and homeschool settings. I have a B.S. degree from Grove City College in Secondary Education, specializing in Biology and General Science. I hold secondary teaching certificates in Biology, Chemistry, General Science, and Environmental Science. This curriculum is the culmination of many resources that I have designed and sold over the past decade. I have used them in my own classroom and I know they will provide your child with a solid background in high school Biology.

5. Do I need to do the labs?

Labs are an integral part of any Biology curriculum and lab sciences are often required for college admission. The lab activities provided in this curriculum are easy to follow and include parent/teacher instructions as well as student instructions and worksheets. They use primarily everyday materials, although a microscope would be a valuable addition to your lab supplies. A lab supply list with links to the cheapest supplies (that I could find) is included for easy reference and purchasing, if necessary.

If you choose, some of the labs can be skipped and alternatives can be used. Each topic includes a lab activity as well as multiple links to virtual labs, activities, and simulations if you don't have access to that week's materials or you just need a change of pace.

6. What will my child be doing on a typical day?

Your child will be able to progress through the curriculum at his own pace. First, he will access the schedule for that week's topic, for example "Cells". He will gain background knowledge and vocabulary through PowerPoint presentations, videos, and internet explorations. All of the links to this content are provided in the weekly guide/schedule. While viewing and exploring this content, he will complete the student worksheets provided, which include vocabulary definitions, figures, concepts maps, diagrams, and various other ways to organize the information for ease of understanding.

Next, he will practice these concepts using lab activities (or online simulations, if you choose) to reinforce and apply the knowledge just learned. Materials, instructions, and student discussion questions are provided for each lab or activity.

No tests are included in this curriculum. A few quizzes are scattered throughout and some online assessments are provided, but your child should focus on applying the material during the lab to demonstrate their mastery of the concept. Discussion questions in the lab activity are used as the best assessment of learning.

7. What if I need help or have questions?

I am personally available to address any questions or issues that arise during your year of Biology. Simply email me at [email protected] and I will get back to you within a few hours. I am committed to making sure this curriculum works for your child and will do whatever I can to help.

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