Bill Nye Science Video Worksheets - Complete 18 Video Worksheet Collection

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Product Description

Save 33% with this deal. Here is my collection of 18 Bill Nye The Science Guy Video Worksheets (includes the answer key) complete with a YouTube video link for each video.


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Who is it for?


These worksheets have been used with 2nd grade to high school learners.

Why buy?

The worksheets are simple enough for anyone and are meant to create engagement and encourage attention during the viewing.

What is included?

There are science worksheets for the following Bill Nye Videos.
- Atoms
- Atmosphere
- Biodiversity
- Blood and Circulation
- Cells
- Chemical Reactions
- Comets and Meteors
- Digestion
- Electricity
- Food Webs
- Light and Color
- Optics
- Outer Space
- Phases of Matter
- Respiration
- Seasons
- Static Electricity
- Water Cycle

Buyer Comment: "This covers so much information I taught last year. I am glad to have the links to videos! Thanks for putting this together."

"Bill Nye is the man, glad to get a great collection of his handouts for the students!"

"My students love Bill Nye and this is a great resource to make sure they are paying attention during the videos!"

How it works

Just download and enjoy.


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Teach With Fergy

I believe in Engagment through Application.  If you show a student that what they are learning is real and important, they will automatically engage.  My products strive to achieve this.  If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, I will refund you 100% from my personal PayPal account.

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