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Beat the Teacher: Equivalent Fractions Edition

NC Teacher Chick


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  • Subjects: Math
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Product Description

"Beat the Teacher" is a great way to get your students excited about learning! This game, the equivalent fractions edition, puts the teachers and students playing against each other. The object of the game is for the students to be able to say they, "Beat the Teacher!"

Beat the Teacher!! Equivalent Fractions Edition


This game includes forty equivalent fraction cards. Each card has a point value. There are:
* ten 1 point cards (10 points)
* ten 2 point cards (20 points)
* ten 3 point cards (30 points)
* ten 4 point cards (40 points)

Directions: There are several ways to play this game:

Option 1: Make this a friendly game of competition between you and your classroom of students! Copy, laminate and print cards. Copy work/answer sheets for students to work out problems on. Pass out cards to students. Students answer questions as you call on them. (All students can solve the problem on their own papers, even if they don’t have the card.) If they are correct, they get the points on the card. If they are incorrect, the teacher gets the points. The object of the game is for the students to have more points and BEAT THE TEACHER!! You can keep a running tally on the board (teacher vs. students) so that students can see who is winning.

Option 2: Copy, laminate and print cards. Copy work/answer sheets for students. Use this as a math station/center and make this a friendly game of competition between you and a small group of students. Use the same rules as above. The difference is that students will have more cards. Or you could shorten the game by using fewer cards.

Option 3: Pair your students. Give each pair one set of cards and 2 work/answer sheets. Students could stack the cards in a deck and take turns solving questions. The student with the most points wins.

Option 4: Students can play individually at their desks. You would need to copy question cards and answer sheets for all students. Students would solve all problems. You would check it (or give them the answer key and they check it) and find a total score. They would aim for a score of 100. You could also shorten the
assignment and they would aim for a lower score.

Option 5: Run one set of cards. Show them to the whole class using a projector. This is a great option if you need a quick game or need to save paper!

After my class played the game, I asked them to give me their thoughts. I told them I would share them with you and they are SO excited!

Deidra says, "I love this game so much that it doesn't even seem like a math game."
Alexis says, "This game has knowledge."
JJ says, "It is fun, but challenging."
Paige says, "It's a big brain-buster!."
Luke says, "It's awesome!"
Izzy says, "Hang 10 - best wave of math ever."

I thought these were great and I promised my students I would share them. :)

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Thank you so much!

Monica Parsons - NC Teacher Chick


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    games rock
    Apr 13, 2016

    My son loves to beat me at this game. He really tries hard which makes teaching easier for me because he is invested in his work. Thank you!

    Angela - Teacher

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NC Teacher Chick
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Hello! I'm Monica Parsons, also known as NC Teacher Chick. I was born and raised in North Carolina. I have taught fourth grade for thirteen years. I am a mom to a wonderful four-year-old named Blake.

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