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Start your year out right with help from these forms that will help you to get to know your kids and set up your routines.

This is a collection of some of the forms to use at the beginning of a new school year.
The Getting Acquainted form is a valuable tool for connecting with the parents and allowing them to give input into their child’s learning environment.
The Home Reading note gives ideas for how to read with their child at home. It also explains the importance of home reading.
The Sharing Day form lets the child and the parents know what day is sharing day each week so that they can plan ahead if they are wanting to bring something to show. It also helps with managing the number of children who share each day. This is not to exclude special moments that need to be shared, but on a weekly basis it does provide a routine.
The Star of the Day is the person who gets to do the special jobs like calendar, messages to the office, handing out materials, being first in line, etc.
The 4321 page shows how criteria is developed. I used the analogy of dice because it is something that everyone can relate to.
The Criteria for Journals is a sample of how to set up the journal and what criteria is expected when a journal entry is done.


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Welcome to my store.  I am a primary teacher, wife, mother, and grandmother. I teach in Canada. I enjoy creating materials for my classroom and I am excited to share my products with you. Most of my products are geared towards Grades 1-3.

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