Back to School Math Puzzles - 5th Grade

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Back to School Math Puzzles - 5th Grade
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Back to School Math Puzzles - 5th Grade

Back to School Common Core Math Puzzles for the fifth grade.


Are your students bored of doing the same old math problems?  Try this book that has unique types of math puzzles with a Back to School theme.  All puzzles are Common Core Aligned for the 4th grade.


Math Stories - Math Stories combine reading and mathematics in a fun and silly way!  Until you solve the math problems, you'll never know how the story goes. (multiplication and division - 5.NBT.5, 5.NBT.6)


Bubble Math - Compare the decimals and discover a picture hidden in the bubbles. (5.NBT.3)


Picture Math - Draw a picture using equal parts of your imagination and math. (divide decimals, 5.NBT.7)


Math Grid Puzzles - Draw different items on a grid depending on the answers to the math problems.  (multiplication and division,  5.NBT.6)


Math Number Search - Solve some addition and subtraction problems, then search for them in a grid full of numbers (addition of decimals, 5.NBT.5).  


All graphics are originals and designed by myself.


Thanks for looking at my products,

Yvonne Crawford


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I homeschooled my own children for seven years which was one of the most rewarding things I have done. I also taught at both the elementary and high school levels. I also taught English as a Second Language for several years at schools in France, Hungary, and Slovakia.

I like to engage students and find creative ways for students to have fun while they are learning. I definitely encourage students to use their creativity and dare to be wrong and try new things in their pursuit of knowledge.



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