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Back to School Interactive No Prep Printables - Fifth Grade

Yvonne Crawford

Yvonne Crawford

Back to School Interactive No Prep Printables - Fifth Grade
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Categories: 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, Math
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Back to School Interactive No Prep Printables - Fifth Grade

Back to School Interactive No Prep Printables for Fifth Grade offers worksheets that focus on different math skills for the beginning 5th grade student. The pages are all ready for you to print out: no prep, no laminating, and low ink. There are also several different activity levels to help you differentiate within your class. You can also use these interactive worksheets in your math notebooks or journals.

These worksheets are:
Interactive: Many of the printables get students cutting and pasting answers right on each worksheet

Comprehensive: Many different skills for the second grade are covered in these worksheets

Flexible: Use them in your classroom, as homework assignments, or as work for a substitute teacher

Fun: The printables in this packet are big, engaging, and have lots of fun fonts and graphics that will make learning more enjoyable.

Skills covered: 
Place Value
Multiplying Numbers
Line Plots
Math Definitions
Prime Numbers
Greater Than, Less Than or Equal To
Ordering Decimals
Numbers Written Out
Equivalent Fractions
Word Problems
Lines of Symmetry

All graphics are original and created by myself. 

Thanks for stopping by my store, 
Yvonne Crawford


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Yvonne Crawford
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I homeschooled my own children for seven years which was one of the most rewarding things I have done. I also taught at both the elementary and high school levels. I also taught English as a Second Language for several years at schools in France, Hungary, and Slovakia.

I like to engage students and find creative ways for students to have fun while they are learning. I definitely encourage students to use their creativity and dare to be wrong and try new things in their pursuit of knowledge.



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