B and D Confusion Activities

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  • Grades: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade
  • Subjects: Reading, Writing
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Activities to help students learn the difference between lowercase b and d.

Do your students have trouble distinguishing between the letters B and D while reading? If so, these activities can provide your students practice in identifying the letters B and D and determining which letter is used in words. You will find 7 activities in this packet:

1. Highlight a letter - Students use a highlighter to identify either B or D.

2. B & D sort – Students cut and paste the letters B & D onto the sorting mat. For differentation purposes, students can sort by words beginning with B & D.

3. Circle the Letter – Students look at the letter at the beginning of the row. Then students circle all of those letters in the rest of the row.

4. Follow the B or D – Students color the first letter listed at start. Continue coloring that letter to follow the path.

5. Spin for B or D - Students use a spinner or a pencil and paperclip to spin for a B and D. Then they write the letter on the chart.

6. Cloze sentences – Students read the sentence and fill in the word that makes sense.

7. Pocket Chart Activity – Students place the word cards in a pocket chart then add the b or d to complete the word. A recording sheet is provided for after the game.

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