Amazing World Records of Language and Literature—20 Lesson Plans

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20 Amazing World Records of Language and Literature! 60 Reproducible Activity Sheets, Teaching Tips, and Complete Answer Key.
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20 Amazing World Records of Language and Literature! 60 Reproducible Activity Sheets, Teaching Tips, and Complete Answer Key.

A great way to teach language and literature! Capture students' imagination with a jaw-dropping world record and then build on that interest to teach core ideas. For example, the record-setter for the Language with the Most Words (it’s actually English) leads students into a deeper understanding of affixes and appreciation of the work of lexicographers. The World’s Oldest Propaganda (hint: it’s political) has students identifying types of propaganda and becoming aware of their community. Students read cuneiform, write poetry, outline a screenplay, and even stage a race in a library. A wonderful variety of activities that both deepen and broaden students’ knowledge of language and literature.

Grades 5-9. Meets the National Council of Teachers of English/International Reading Association Standards. 60 Reproducible Activity Sheets. Teaching Tips. Complete Answer Key.

Part of the Amazing World Records Series!

Amazing World Records of Language and Literature includes a rich assortment of topics:

World’s First Language • World's Most Widespread Language Family • Language with the Most Words • Language with the Fewest Words • World's First Writing • World's First Computer Language • Country with the Most National Languages • World's Most Endangered Language • World's Oldest Living Language • World's Longest Word • World's Oldest Book • World's Oldest Play • World's Oldest Propaganda • World's First Printing Press • World's Most Popular Book • World's Most Printed Poem • World's Bestselling Author • World's Most Controversial Book • World's Largest Library • World's First Screenplay

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