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  • Grades: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade

  • Subjects: Reading, Writing

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Nouns are TOUGH. Help your students master them with this unit pack that's chalk full of a variety of activities. From singular and plural nouns to proper and common nouns, students will learn the difference between all the nouns possible for their age level. Included is also a great noun assessment to tell you, as the educator, where your students stand!

**This pack includes 1st grade as one of the grade levels it is appropriate for, but I would recommend the pack for HIGH 1st or end-of-year 1st grade.**

Throughout this pack, there are a variety of resources for you and your students to use when studying nouns. Each activity was used in my own classroom with my own students, so I know they’re kid-tested and kid-approved!

Pick and choose what you want to use or use it all!

-Posters for Singular, Plural, Common, Proper, Singular Possessive, Plural Possessive, and Collective Nouns

-Singular/Plural Noun Scoot
-Common/Proper Noun Scoot
-Sorting Singular/Plural Nouns
-Sorting Common/Proper Nouns
-Types of Nouns Task Cards (singular, plural, common, proper - 2 versions)
-Noun Word Cards & Writing Paper
-Color the Nouns Sheets (3 types)
-Find the Nouns Sheet
-Capital Detectives (a whole group, proper noun activity)
-Collective Nouns Matching Game
-Noun Scavenger Hunt
-Noun Assessments

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