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Product Description

Chemistry Students and teachers will quickly see that learning and teaching chemistry just became less stressful with this Advance Chemistry Bundle When it come to chemistry this bundle has everything you need that includes 4 laminated quick reference guides on Intermediate Chemistry, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry and our #1 selling chart the Periodic Table of Elements.

In true Permacharts fashion, these 4 expertly written quick reference charts provide you with just the facts, tips and information you need to know to master the subject in record time.


NOW JUST $22.99 for all 4 quick reference guides! Titles include:

  • 1. Organic Chemistry                                         
    • This Guide provides assistance to anyone seeking to span the vast informational sectors associated with the carbon-based compounds that form the heart of this scientific discipline

    • Alcohols, organic reactions, and the fundamental structures found in these compounds are all explained

    • Diagrams and graphics assist the reader in their appreciation of the common organic groups

    • And much more

    2. Inorganic Chemistry
    • This Guide provides invaluable reference material to anyone who requires readily accessible information concerning the basic principles that underlie this complex science. The Guide carefully references the Periodic Table with the specific definitions of the Groups of Elements and their specific ionic characteristics.

    3. Intermediate Chemistry
    • This Guide builds effectively upon the concepts introduced in the Introductory Chemistry title

    • The terminology of Chemical thermodynamics is developed in a comprehensive fashion, as the reader is provided with ready access to electrochemical principles

    • Specific occurrences such as corrosion and reaction mechanisms are also explained in this context

    • And much more

    4. Periodic Table
    • Conforms to the current IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) General Assembly Report

    • Contains current names for elements 104-112 and color-coded for easy recognition groups 

    • Coded symbols show Crystal Structures and Acid/Base Properties

    • Clear lay out and grouping of Elements

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Permacharts’ off-the-shelf quick reference guides are available for hundreds of subjects, organized in 11 general categories and sub-categories. Each reference guide is researched and written by an appropriate subject matter expert and carefully laid out and accented with relevant photographs or images to ensure that facts are easy to read, easy to access, and easy to understand.

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