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About Us

Educents is an educational marketplace bringing thousands of individual content creators, small businesses, and edtech companies together. We make it easy to discover new and innovative products that will get your kids excited and engaged in learning.


Educents is the destination to browse thousands of educational products and discover unique products you never knew existed. From special needs items to full-blown curriculum, you will find products here you can’t find anywhere else.


Shop from hundreds of independent sellers who have worked years in order to bring these products to market. They are hardworking moms, teachers, and experts in education -- all of them passionate about bringing you the best in education.


Since our inception Educents has been surrounded by an incredible community that has shouted, Where have you been!? Join us on this educational journey!

A Mission from the beginning

Kate and Kaitlyn had a dream to make education more affordable and accessible through technology. They also knew there were thousands of small businesses and individuals that had incredible educational products and had trouble getting into the hands of students because large publishers dominated the space. In 2013, they gathered in the proverbial living room. After some whiteboarding, sub-par coding, and thousands of cups of coffee, Educents was born.

It is Educents’ mission to help you find the products you need to teach your kids. Whether it is a full curriculum, lesson plan, book, science kit, or something else, you'll find what you need to inspire your child on Educents.

Our Team

We pinch ourselves every day that we get to work with a team of people who are so passionate about education and making a difference. Every team member has a different perspective but we all share the same goal of assisting sellers and buyers bringing quality educational products to children.

Our team extends beyond our San Francisco walls: our community extends all over the world. We are thankful to call so many people a part of #teameducents

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