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A YEAR of CREATIVE EXPRESSION for THIRD {Homeschool Edition}

Preparilli Press

Preparilli Press

CREATIVE EXPRESSION for THIRD is for homeschoolers beginning their first year of American History. It is comprised of 36 weeks of CREATIVE EXPRESSION and is designed to help your students independe... View Full Description
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Categories: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, Reading, Writing
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Product Description

CREATIVE EXPRESSION for THIRD is for homeschoolers beginning their first year of American History. It is comprised of 36 weeks of CREATIVE EXPRESSION and is designed to help your students independently think through (and complete) their writing assignments.

A YEAR of CREATIVE EXPRESSION for THIRD is an ideal supplement to the most popular homeschool curricula. It follows Sonlight Curriculum's Core D/Language Arts D Instructor's Guide 36-week schedule and is based on the assignments for Days 2-4 of each week.

Each week a writing technique, analysis, or part of speech, is presented and then applied in the subsequent writing assignments.

These include:
** Nouns vs. Adjectives
** Five Senses
** Adverbs
** Word Choice
** Rhyme Patterns
** Follow this Map; Giving Directions
** The Reverse Outline
** Literary Hooks
** Imagery
** Pronouns
** Theme
** Active & Passive Voice
** Simplifying
** Writing Backwards
** Dialog
** Defining 'Faith'
** Drafting Household/Classroom Rules
** Journal Writing
** Homophones
** Eliminating Being Verbs
** Newspaper Review
** Tone
** Personification
** Defining 'Thankful'
** Picturesque Details
** Descriptive Dialog
** Persuasive Writing
** Alternate Adjectives
** Colorful Descriptions

Every writing assignment has graphically-organized student planning sheets to help your students determine what they want to say in their essays, papers and stories, and how they want to say it. The types of writing your students will complete this year include:

** Descriptive Paragraphs
** Imaginative Story
** Short Stories
** Poetry (Quatrain, Limerick, Free Verse, Cinquain)
** Story Starters (based on picture)
** Character Sketches
** Explanation Paragraphs
** Recollection Paragraph
** Narration
** Summarizing
** Speech
** Thematic Essays
** My First Research Paper
** Mini-Research Reports
** Friendly Letter (Thank You)
** Newspaper (Front Page, Human Interest & Editorial)
** Compare/Contrast Essay
** Back Cover Copy
** Five-Paragraph Essay
** Book Review
** Retelling (Oral Presentation)

Writing paper for every assignment is also included. The second page of the writing paper has a Writer’s Checklist that will help your students become more proficient at editing their work. There is also a Time to Revise checklist—for you to fill out and present to your students after the first draft of their longer assignments—and an Oral Presentation Review for use on Week 26.

This year of CREATIVE EXPRESSION includes your students’ first research paper. You will find the homeschool edition of MY FIRST RESEARCH PAPER: Get Organized and Get it Done! in a separate file in this download. It will help you and your students complete (and enjoy!) this assignment.

While we study the first half of American History (from Columbus to the Spanish-American War), we do a lot of reading. So, there are quite a few writing assignments that are related to the books we read together and alone. You will find a reading list of all the books we use during the school year in this download. The books that are specifically referred to in the writing assignments include:

Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims
The Thanksgiving Story
The Courage of Sarah Noble
The Skippack School
Phoebe the Spy
The Cabin Faced West
The Lewis and Clark Expedition
Sarah Whitcher’s Story
Robert Fulton, Boy Craftsman
Sarah, Plan and Tall

There is also a 6-week memorization exercise included in this pack--a memorization technique for Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death” speech.

If one of your goals, as educator, is to have your students writing each day of the week, you will enjoy how Dictation Done Right 3 and 5-Minute Mechanics for Third provide additional opportunities for developing your students’ writing skills. You will be able to find these products at PreparilliPress in August 2015.


**There is no affiliation between PreparilliPress and Sonlight Curriculum.**


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