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Educents is the trusted online resource for best-selling 8th grade educational resources. Whether you are teaching in a classroom or homeschooling your children, challenge your students with engaging academic lessons, projects, games while tackling the demands of 8th grade. Bring history and science to life with a hands-on project or lap book. Have students journal their learning through an interactive notebook. Not sure where to start? Look at one of our amazing all-inclusive curriculums. We have these and more great resources to help you teach the skills and concepts your 8th grader needs.

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8th grade is another milestone year – the end of middle school. By this age you should start to see more social and emotional maturing. Children are better able to plan out a course of action on their own and have better abilities to communicate their plans and ideas. Academically, students are firming up the educational foundation on which the high school years will be built. It is appropriate for students of this age to be completing projects independently and in an organized fashion. Reading continues to become more and more fluent as students understand more about the written language. Students should have a good foundation in the understanding of words, prefixes and suffixes (including those of greek and latin roots). In math students should have a solid understanding of pre-algebraic concepts, fractions, decimals, percentages and all the mathematical operations. Students should be able to think through and apply the scientific method to science questions and experiments.

Educents provides many quality and fun educational resources to help your 8th grader meet these milestones. With a wide variety of math games, your child or students will have fun practicing and reviewing grade level math skills. A novel study provides numerous opportunities for practicing key reading and writing skills along with critical thinking skills. A research project is also a great way to practice those skills and tie in a science or social studies concept too. We have all of these and more to help you and your students make great strides in 8th grade.

Interactive notebooks and lapbooks are one of the most widely used resources today. Both of these resources allow students to interact with their learning and document their findings, understanding, questions, responses and more. Not only are these good at the end of a unit of study, but they can also be used during the course of study to create a student-made text book. You can find interactive notebooks and lap books on a wide array of topics.


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