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Learning Resources for 7th Grade

Educents is the trusted online resource for best-selling 7th grade curriculum, lessons and educational activities. Although the students are getting older, that doesn’t mean that fun and engaging lessons are any less important. Challenge your 7th graders with engaging academic lessons, projects, games and interactive notebooks all while tackling the rigorous demands of middle school. A fascinating novel can turn into a great learning opportunity for reading, writing, social studies, science and math! Students can also “write their own textbook” through the use of interactive notebooks as they keep track of their learning.

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Middle school, two words that can make a parent tremble. Your 7th grader is right in the middle of middle school! But that doesn’t mean you have to run the other way. Instead help your child through this tough stage by providing them with fun ways to learn and grow. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a parent or teacher, helping to guide students through the middle school years is an important endeavor. During 7th grade there will be increased demands on your student’s ability to communicate through writing. In addition to merely communicating a point, students will be expected to analyze and critique the views of others. In math, students are working to build a foundation for algebraic skills that will be built upon as they go through high school. In fact, many of the middle school skills are foundational for their future academic studies.

Educents is proud to offer a wide variety of quality, educational resources that can be used to help you teach the key skills and concepts in seventh grade. Interactive notebooks are a very popular resource in which students document their learning in a hands-on way. By the end of the year, students have basically created their own “textbook” to show all that was learned and studied on a given subject. Additionally, task cards are a great way to get your 7th grader to practice a skill or concept without repeated use of worksheets. Task cards are also a great way for the students to work independently. You can find task cards for many different subjects and skills in the Educents marketplace.

Help your 7th grader put their skills into action through a problem based learning exercise. In these exercises, students are provided with an open-ended problem that needs to be solved. Many of these problems involve real world situations. Students use their skills in research, reading, writing, math, science and critical thinking to create a solution to the problem. Problem Based Learning (PBL) exercises are highly engaging and a fun way to incorporate numerous skills and concepts.


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