5th Grade Sub Plans Ready To Go for Substitute. DAY #2. No Prep. One full day.

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  • Grades: 5th Grade
  • Subjects: Math, Science
  • Product Type: Printable
  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

Product Description

Sub Plans 5th Grade! Ready to go Sub Plans! Take a Day Off, Leave the Planning to Me! Day #2! This document includes one full day of substitute plans that are no prep and ready to go. Your students will be actively engaged in learning activities at a 5th grade level while you are away. No need to worry about making plans to call in sick or take a much needed day off. Your time is worth saving!

Who Is It For?

  • Teachers who want a relaxing day off and don't want to worry about planning!
  • Teachers who have an emergency or unexpected sick day.
  • Homeschool parents who have been busy and need some low prep lesson plans for their child.
How Does it Work?
  • Simply download, print, make copies and you're ready to go!
  • This is a license for ONE educator or family. Please refer others to my storefront if they would like to use them! Thank you in advance for your honesty.

This is Day #2 for fifth grade sub plans. You may be interested in Day #1! Even better,save 15% with the 5th Grade Ready To Go Sub Plans Two Day Bundle! 

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This packet includes:
-Note To Teacher
-School Schedule (Form with fillable entries- Type right into it!)
-School Information (Form with fillable entries- Type right into it! Includes staff information)
-Classroom Information (Form with fillable entries- Type right into it! 2 pages!)
----Number of Students
----Student Helpers
----Info about students
----Basic Classroom Rules/Procedures
----Behavior Management Procedures
----Daily Procedures
----Attention Signals
-Copies for Students (Clear layout of what you or the sub will need to copy)
-Substitute Plan Outline of Day
ELA Lesson Plan (Idioms)
--What Did You Say?
--Say WHAT?
--Idiom Matching
--My Favorite Idiom
Making Connections Mini Lesson Plan
--Making Connections Graphic Organizer
Narrative Writing Lesson Plan
--Narrative Writing Graphic Organizer
Science Lesson Plan (Chemical and Physical Change)
--Changes Happen
--Chemical or Physical?
--Physical Changes
--Chemical Changes
Quick Math Review Worksheet
Math Lesson Plan (Decimals)
--Comparing Decimals
--Dandy Decimals
--Write in Expanded Form
--Write in Standard Form
Social Studies Lesson Plan (The First Amendment)
--The First Amendment (2 pages)
--A World Without Rights
Educational Game
-Cards for Game
How Was Your Day?- Substitute notes form REUSABLE FOR MULTIPLE SUB DAYS!


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