4th Grade MATH Interactive Notebook

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  • Grades: 4th Grade
  • Subjects: Math
  • Product Type: Assessment, Printable
  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

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Interactive notebooks are a great learning tool in the classroom. They serve as a resource for reviewing standards, a reference tool, or even as an assessment. This product covers all the FOURTH grade Common Core MATH standards.

Interactive notebooks are a great learning tool in the classroom. They serve as a resource for reviewing standards, a reference tool, or even as an assessment.

This notebook covers all the 4th Grade Common Core MATH standards (including Operations & Algebraic Thinking, Numbers and Operations in Base 10, Geometry and Measurement and Data, Number and Operations-Fractions)

This product includes:-Notebook cover-Divider tabs-Strand Dividers-Pictures of EVERY page so you can have an example of how each activity can be used-Student friendly "I can" statements at the top of each page.

I know your students will love making these notebooks as a method to reinforce all the CCSS math standards they have been taught.

Skills covered:Operations and Algebraic Thinking:-Interpreting multiplication-Meanings for multiplication-Problem solving using multiplication-Problem solving using missing factors-Problem solving using division-Problem solving with 3-digit numbers-Multi-step word problems-Using variable equations to solve word problems-Prime v. composite numbers-Factors-Problem solving with factors-Problem solving with prime v. composite numbers-Number patterns-Shape patterns

Numbers and Operations in Base 10:-Place Value-Base 10, Number Names & Expanded Form-Greater than, less than, equal to-Rounding-Adding and Subtracting multi-digit whole numbers-Adding and Subtracting problem solving-Multiplication up to 4-digits-Multiplication Problem Solving-Division with and without remainders-Division Problem Solving

Geometry:-Identify and draw points, lines, line segments, rays, angles, perpendicular and parallel lines-Triangles: right, acute and obtuse-Triangles: equilateral, isosceles, scalene-Quadrilaterals: identify parallel and perpendicular lines-Lines of symmetry

Measurement and Data:-Measurement Units-Measurement Conversion Tables-Distance Word Problems-Time Word Problems-Volume Word Problems-Money Word Problems-Perimeter of rectangles-Area of squares and rectangles-Perimeter of rectangles-Area Word Problems-Area v. Perimeter Word Problems-Line Plots-Angles and Circles-Measuring Angles with a Circle-Measuring Angles with a Protractor-Solving for Unknown Angles

Number and Operations-Fractions-Equivalent Fractions-Comparing Fractions-Common Denominator-Addition and Subtraction of Fractions-Decomposing Fractions-Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers-Fraction Word Problems (Adding & Subtracting)-Multiply Fractions & Whole Numbers-Fraction Word Problems (Multiplication)-Equivalent Fractions with Denominator as 10 and 100-Decimals-Comparing Decimals


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