4th Grade Math - Fractions Animations


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Product Description

Fractions math animations which makes learning math (fractions) more fun and less daunting.

This bundle will help you show the math concepts visually and engage your students in learning from minute one. 

It has worked wonderfully for all levels of students including struggling students and ESL students. Use this bundle as math morning work, bell ringers, review activities, group activities - anyway you like. The VideoQuestions worksheets can be used in classroom to review the concepts and AdditionalQuestions worksheets can be handed to students for homework. 



Concepts covered:
Recognize and generate equivalent fractions
Compare two fractions
Addition of similar fractions
Multiply fractions with whole numbers
Addition of two fractions with different denominators
Decimal notation for fractions
Compare two decimals

Who is it for?
Grades 4 to 5
Excellent resource for ESL and special needs students

Why buy?
It's about time students stop asking questions about how they are going to use math concepts in their day to day life and its about time they thoroughly enjoy learning math concepts. PrepToon bundles are a perfect solution for that! 


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About the Seller

Math Animations by PrepToon
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Ruchi and Joseph are a husband and wife team who are very passionate about helping teachers, homeschoolers and parents to make Math less daunting for students.

There are a growing number of students who lose motivation to learn Math because the learning activities used to teach Math at school or home are just not relevant or engaging to capture the students attention.

PrepToon make Math easier and fun to learn by using engaging visual media to present Math problems and using everyday life themes that students can relate to. You will see an increase in engagement, conceptual understanding and retention of concepts upon using PrepToon.

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