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Tricky 450! 4th Grade Spelling Workbook | 30 Weeks | Daily Lessons | Weekly Tests | Most Commonly Misspelled Words
Tricky 450! 4th Grade Spelling Workbook | 3...
$18.56 $19.98

Spelling Classroom - Spelling & Vocabulary & Novel Studies Both Interactive & Printable
Four Book Package
Four Book Package
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Longevity Publishing Math Facts Workbooks

4th grade is another year of big growth for kids. Children are doing more independent thinking and analyzing of the world around them. They are developing social and emotional skills that allow them to interact with adults on a higher level, yet they also thrive on peer interaction and acceptance. Academically, students will be building on skills previously learned and working on using that information at a higher and deeper cognitive level. There will be less focus on mere memorization and more focus on analysis, interpretation and personal response.

At Educents, we are proud to be able to provide you with many amazing educational resources to help you meet the needs of your 4th grader. Help your child or students soar in their reading abilities through a novel study, paired reading passages, or a variety of fun and engaging book reports. While working on basic reading comprehension and fluency, these activities will also work on the higher level thinking skills that are required at this grade. Your c


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