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Learning Resources for 3rd Grade

Educents is the trusted online resource for best-selling 3rd grade teaching tools and curriculum. Make learning fun at home or in the classroom with a wide variety of hands-on learning activities for reading, math, science, and social studies. Build reading skills with a novel study, try out math games to help solidify math skills, and help students learn about making a difference with a Famous Americans research project. Help your child or students learn about independence with of many great lapbook products available at Educents!

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More About 3rd Grade

3rd grade is a year with a big jump when it comes to student expectations. Children are often seen as “big kids” around this time and with that comes increased responsibility, decision making and independence. You can help your child or students develop these skills through some great academic lessons and projects whether at home or in the classroom.

One of the big skills learned during 3rd grade is multiplication and division. Although students may have been introduced to the concepts in the past, during this year they should be able to fluently give answers to multiplication and division problems without picture prompts or help. Additionally, students transition from learning to read to using reading as a skill to help them learn. Focusing on reading strategies such as comprehension, text analysis, and inferencing will help students become better readers. Student writing should also be progressing in third grade. Students should be able to write a well-developed paragraph, complete with a main idea, supporting details and a conclusion.

These important skills don’t have to be taught in a boring way or with a “drill and kill” approach for memorization. Making learning fun for the child not only helps with their engagement in the lesson, but it also helps them remember what they are learning. The use of games for learning and review activities is a great way for students to get engaged in their learning. Games make learning fun and students often forget their learning while they are playing these educational games. Students can also develop their reading and writing skills while working on a social studies or science research project. Not only does a project like this tackle many different learning objectives, but it is also a great way to develop those responsibility skills too! After the research is done have students create a final product that lines up with their personal interests. They could build a model, paint a picture, write and perform a song or even use computer games like Minecraft to show off all they have learned.


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