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3rd Grade Math Curriculum Online (1 yr) - Curriculum eBook, Worksheets & Tests, Auto Grading N Tracking, Homeschooling or Classroom

A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.)

* Perfect for Homeschoolers on tight budget. A complete math curriculum with curriculum eBook (PDF Lessons), Worksheets and Tests that can be completed online w/ automatic grading N tracking or pri... View Full Description
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Categories: 3rd Grade, Math
Product Type: Assessment, Book

Product Description

* Perfect for Homeschoolers on tight budget. A complete math curriculum with curriculum eBook (PDF Lessons), Worksheets and Tests that can be completed online w/ automatic grading N tracking or printed for offline use, Step-by-step solution to each problem, easy to read reports and much more.... * You will SAVE 2 to 6 hours each week since this program creates, automatically grades and tracks worksheets and test for you so you DON'T have to. Solution steps are also provided so students can check their own work - you don't have to show students how to arrive at the final answer. It's ALL DONE for you. * This is the cheapest math curriculum you will find that does most of the work for you! * The PDF lessons are fun, engaging and easy to understand. * Worksheets and tests are clearly aligned to specific lessons students ought to learn in each grade level.

Who is it for?

  • Shoppers on a budget
  • 3rd Graders (8 to 9-year-olds)
  • Homeschoolers
  • Math learners
  • Teachers
  • Educators
  • Educators

What do you get?

1 year online access to Math Curriculum Online. The downloaded file will instruct you to complete a form to request and setup your online access. You will receive an activation code with instructions to get you going.

What's included?

  • PDF Lessons 
  • Worksheets & Tests (online or print PDF) 
  • Step-by-Step Solution to each problem 
  • Automatic Grading & Tracking 
  • Students complete worksheets online or offline (print PDF) 
  • Use the worksheets & tests already generated for you or generate new ones 
  • Generate and assign worksheets & tests (optional) 
  • Easy to read reports 
  • Plenty of practice to master math concepts 

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive curriculum contents build a strong foundation in Math!
  • PDF Lessons – Fun, Colorful and Engaging lessons make it easy to teach/learn Math concepts.
  • Worksheets and tests with automatic grading N tracking – Saves you valuable time (2 to 3 hours for each child).
  • Easy to read reports – provide instant access to student progress (strengths and areas of concern).
  • Use it as the main math curriculum or as a supplement to your current math curriculum – You don’t have to change your math curriculum.
  • Plenty of practice to master math concepts – thousands of practice problems with step-by-step solution.
  • Affordable for ANY budget.

This 3rd Grade Math curriculum covers: 

1. Basic Number Sense
2. Addition
3. Subtraction
4. Multiplication
5. Division
6. Decimal Numbers
7. Fractions
8. Math Operations Using a Calculator
9. Basic Graphs
10. Time and Money
11. Measurements
12. Algebra
13. Geometry
14. Basic Probability
15. Word Problems


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About the Seller

A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.)
40 Reviews

We make your homeschool journey with math EASY! With our Math Curriculum Online Program, you can RELAX! You don’t have to teach or grade Math. This program DOES EVERYTHING for you including teaching, grading and tracking.

We provide Interactive Math curriuclum products that help you identify any learning gaps and close gaps with a "personalized" lesson plan. We also offer full curriculum products for 1st - 6th grade, Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 via Online, on CD and in eBooks format. Our math products help you "Build a Strong Foundation in Math You Can Count On!"

Our products are used by thousands of homeschooling families as well as public and private school teachers and students.

Some of the products we offer are:

  • Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan to "Identify & Close" Learning Gaps
  • Family Math Packages - Online (Options to choose between 1-10 students)
  • Single Grade Level - Online Curriculum (PC and MAC compatible)
  • Multi-Sensory Interactive Math Full Curriculum Software CDs
  • Full Curriculum Textbooks (eBooks)
  • Workbooks -eBook (100 to 145 Worksheets, Chapter Tests & Answer Keys)
  • Supplemental Multi-Sensory Interactive Math Software CDs

Visit our store to see "AWESOME" deals on various math curriculum products - up to 80% OFF.  We offer "Adaptive Math Placement w/ Lessons" program that "identifies" learning gaps and creates a "Personalized" lesson plan to target the problem areas. See our reviews on Pinterest for more reviews.

We also offer complete curriculum Online, on CD as well as in eBooks format.


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