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Know Yourself

Know Yourself

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Categories: 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, Life Skills, STEM
Product Type: Kit, Subscription

Product Description

Each Know Yourself Adventure is anchored by an educational comic book highlighting anatomy, history, and civic engagement. These comic books, together with an adventure guide and other cool stuff will introduce kids to foundational learning about the systems of the human body through collaborative, hands-on, STEAM-based activities and side by side learning. The adventure starts with:

  •   1. The Five Senses - Ancient Greece
  •   2. The Skeletal System - 1922 Russia
  •   3. The Circulatory System - 1553 China. (See More)

    Know Yourself Adventure Series is brought to you by the makers of Dr. Bonyfide's Anatomy Books

    Delivered monthly, each Know Yourself Adventure includes a Time Skaters comic, science experiments and corresponding materials, historical lessons and healthy recipes. Designed around engaging core content to give children ages 8-14 the information they need to learn about vital systems of the body, the Adventure Series also brings hours of fun and productive entertainment to their families.



    Who is it for?


    Ages 5 -7:  This product is great for side by side learning.

    Ages 8 and up: School aged kids starting in the 2nd grade can experience the activities through independent learning.

    Parents and teachers love to participate in side-by-side learning and can use write-in quizzes to support the learning process. 



    What is included?


    These are the twelve systems and locations we'll explore each month:

    1. The Five Senses - Ancient Greece

    2. The Skeletal System - 1922 Russia

    3. The Circulatory System - 1553 China

    4. The Renal System - Ancient Assyria

    5. The Digestive System - Feudal Japan

    6. The Immune System - King Arthur's England

    7. The Muscle System - Napoleon's France

    8. The Endocrine System - 1954 Cuba

    9. The Respiratory System - Futuristic Kenya

    10. The Lymphatic System - Ancient Aztecs

    11. The Nervous System - WWII Navajo Code Talkers. Ocean Side, CA

    12. The Integumentary System - 1960 Oakland


    Here's a sneak peek at Adventure 1.

    • - Time Skaters, a full-color educational comic sized for smaller hands
    • - World Map for Adventurers to pin up and track the places they learn about
    • - Adventure Guide with healthy recipes, science, and social experiments
    • - Sticker sheet, notepads, reusable vials and other cool stuff (for doing those experiments again and again) that encourage learning through play




    About the creators


    The Know Yourself Adventure Series was developed by a team of educators, health professionals, artists, and parents. Our goal with this book is to bridge the gap between simplistic introductions to the body and dry textbooks to provide kids a complete and long-lasting knowledge of how their bodies work, and that is what we call Self Literacy.





    Tillywig Brain Child Award: Toys.


    Parents' Choice Awards (Recommended): Toys.



    Quotes and Reviews


    "The Know Yourself series meets a need for an in-home way for your children to start becoming experts of their own bodies and begin a lifelong journey of health and well being." - Miss Frugal Mommy.  Read more here.




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    About the Seller

    Know Yourself
    22 Reviews

    Know Yourself is a Self Literacy company on a mission to prepare young people to understand their self worth.  Know Yourself guides kids of all ages on their journey of self discovery to help them understand who they are physically, psychologically, and socially through fun, and dynamic educational products.

    A team of educators, health professionals, parents, community activists, and artists of diverse backgrounds have come together to develop an original comic adventure to take kids through all sorts of engaging learning material and experiments.

    Know Yourself is incorporated as a Public Benefit Company (PBC) and has made the pursuit of social values a key part of our mission and charter.  We are committed to donating 5 percent of annual post-tax profits to organizations supporting the local community, the arts and education.


    Our Founder


    Nancy Howes founded Know Yourself in 2014.  What started as a personal art project — inspired by her two inquisitive daughters — has transformed into a full-blown mission to teach children about their bodies and help them master their own well-being. Some folks will want to know that before founding Know Yourself, Nancy spent 25 years in the tech industry and that she holds a BFA in Metal Arts with High Distinction from the California College of the Arts (CCA) and a Masters in Education from Cambridge College in Cambridge, MA. What she wants you to know, however, is that she continues to be encouraged, challenged, and inspired by the creative force that is Know Yourself and is excited to come into work every single day.

    The launch of our company and this exciting adventure series is the next big step in the Self Literacy movement that’s changing the way children learn about their bodies at an early age,”— Nancy Howes, founder and CEO of Know Yourself.  


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