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2nd Grade Expert Picks

Wow, 2nd graders sure are unique, huh? At this age you can see a unique and complex personality form. Although every child is different, children develop through a generally predictable sequence of steps and milestones, they may not proceed through these steps in the same way or at the same time. Regardless, 2nd grade is a fun time to watch your child share their knowledge with others, display a longer attention span and tolerate last-minute changes (Hooray!) . 2nd graders are curious and frequently ask many, many questions. They are increasingly complex and use creative strategies to solve problems, tell stories and seek adventure.


Typically in 2nd grade you see dramatic changes from the beginning of the year to the end in regard to the childs reading comprehension and fluency. You will see increased speed, accuracy and expression and almost as exciting, independence. Reading is a pleasurable activity for most children and they demonstrate their understanding through discussion, written response and participation in dramatizations. Children's vocabularies continue to grow and their writing is more developed and engaging. Here are some fun and engaging reading suggestions: See more >>


Mathematically, 2nd graders have strong number sense and estimation skills. Children this age can do simple addition and subtraction and can apply strategies necessary to solve related word problems. They can also effectively work in many ways with three-digit numbers and have improved abilities for solving arithmetic problems mentally. 2nd graders use rulers to measure units. They also understand how to measure angles and can apply their knowledge of shapes to three-dimensional objects and structures in the environment. See more >>

Motor Skills

This is the age when children begin to effectively combine motor skills like running to kick a ball, rolling after landing from a jump or traveling in rhythm to music. They continue to be enthusiastic about physical activity in all of its forms, especially when the sport or physical activity is structured so that they can be successful. During this year, youngsters who have spent a substantial amount of time outside of school on skills like riding a bike, swimming, skiing, dance or gymnastics begin to show true proficiency. Note: During this period of development, children's actual skill levels will vary based on their amount of physical activity. Sedentary children will not mature as quickly as those who participate in activities like dance lessons, team sports or backyard play. See more >>

Social and Emotional

In terms of social and emotional development, seven-year-olds enjoy having and making friends and take pleasure in imitating the actions of friends and peers at school. While they typically prefer structure and routines, they may also choose to work or play independently when frustrated. Children this age often choose to develop games with rules and are likely to treat peers with respect during play. In addition, they start to experiment more with handling their emotional and social lives independently; they show that they can take some initiative socially and that they have the capacity to understand others' actions and feelings. See more >>

Art and Music

A child's development in the creative arts varies greatly based on the child's experiences with art, music, dance and theater. Given exposure and practice, 2nd graders create art that depict objects more realistically and that reflect personal culture and experiences. In addition, they increase their knowledge of art elements, materials, techniques and processes. Seven-year-olds also have the ability to perform, read and write music that is increasingly more complex. They respond to the mood of music through movement and dance and show greater body awareness as they imitate and distinguish among various body shapes. Finally, they can name the characters, setting, problem and solution in a drama, as well as act out real-life and imaginative situations through dramatic play, puppet shows and other dramatizations. See more >>


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