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2nd Grade

As your student progresses through elementary school, skills build on top of each other and evolve. 2nd great is the first major year where this happens in the classroom. Addition and subtraction start to get into multiple digits Second grade is also a great time to double down and give extra help to the children who may not have developed complete mastery over the skills taught in first grade. Whether it be helping further develop writing, phonics, or basic math problems - it's important that by the end of the year they have the basic concepts down.

During your student's time in the 2nd grade, they will focus on developing reading skills, reading maps, writing stories, counting money, and primary math problems like fractions, division, and multiplication. Educents offers popular educational tools for educators to teach these concepts. Popular teaching tools for 2nd grade include math workbooks, writing prompt worksheets, board games focused on geography and science concepts, science experiments, and r

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Beginning Geography
Beginning Geography

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