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This is a spelling program created especially for First Grade Students. Words included follow patterns as well as some of the most common sight words. There are two different leveled tests each week to allow for differentiation.

This unit includes 30 weeks of spelling tests appropriate for First Grade students. Each week, there are 10 words that follow a spelling pattern and 2 sight words. I give a pre-test on the BLUE list of words to all students. If a child scores a 90% or higher, I give them the RED (challenge) list of spelling words that week.  

These tests also include a dictated sentence. The sentence has the two sight words included as well as one or two patterned words from that week. There are also boxes at the bottom with +, ✓, or – to make it easy to grade capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and neatness. 

Included in this packet:

1. Directions of how I use this in my classroom.
2. Overview of the spelling patterns each week.

1. short /a/
2. short /e/
3. short /i/
4. short /o/
5. short /u/
6. digraph /sh/
7. digraph /ch/
8. digraph /th/
9. digraph /wh/
10. short vowel review with /ck/
11. beginning blends
12. beginning blends
13. inflectional endings -ed, -ing
14. silent e
15. long /a/ a_e, ay, ai
16. long /e/ ee, ea
17. long /i/ i_e, ugh
18. long /o/ o_e, oa, ow
19. long /u/ u_e, ue, ew
20. plurals -s and -es
21. y as a vowel long /i/ and long /e/
22. r-controlled ar, or
23. r-controlled er, ir, ur
24. diphthongs (oo) book (oo) fool
25. diphthongs ow, ou
26. diphthongs oi, oy
27. beginning blends (triple)
28. contractions
29. soft /c/ and /g/
30. /nk/ -ank, -ink, -onk, -unk

3. Spelling pre-test.
4. Spelling test.
5. Recording sheet.
6. 30 weeks of spelling tests (two different levels for each spelling pattern). Blue list is at grade level. Red list is a challenge list.
7. Teacher list with words to give the tests as well as the dictated sentence.


JD's Rockin' Readers


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