1st Grade Common Core Unit 2: Stayin' Alive

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Activities to go with the first grade Common Core Unit on living things (including human body and animal groups). Read about how I teach this unit in my classroom HERE

Activities to go with the first grade Common Core Unit on living things (including human body and animal groups).

Read about how I teach this unit in my classroom
<a href="http://thefirstgraderoundup.blogspot.com/search/label/animals">HERE</a>

This is Unit 2 of 6. Here are links to the other units:
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Included in this packet:
-6 weeks of weekly visual plans for science, guided reading, writing, math, read alouds
-6 weeks of daily detailed lesson plans for science and writing
-Common Core standards attached to each activity
-119 pages of lesson plans, materials, activities and printouts. All inclusive for Common Core Unit 2
-44 word wall/vocabulary cards and a blank template for customizing
-44 animal picture cards for sorting into animal groups (mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, arthropods)
-informative writing graphic organizer
-pictures of anchor charts used in unit
-3 different templates for daily messages (pdf files that can easily be used on a smart board or promethean board by importing)
-14 daily messages (informative paragraphs) on organs, muscles, bones, and the 6 animal groups to be used for model writing/mini-lessons (included in pack)
-Animal Classification anchor chart PDF to be easily imported for your smart board or promethean board.
-Informative writing paper for animal groups: mammals, birds, fish, arthropods, amphibians, reptiles.
-Science writing booklet for animals: "A _____ is a mammal because ____." (a page for each animal group)
-3 sets of venn diagrams comparing two groups of animals (mammals/birds, arthropods/fish, amphibians/reptiles)
-3 graphs charting favorite animal groups
-writing activities and 6 writing pages for "What Would You Do With A Tail Like This?" mentor text
-collaborative animal research web, writing paper, and publishing activities
-Human body: large organs for adding to life size butcher paper bodies in groups.
-Human body: small organs for adding to mini-me human
-My Human Body Journal: mini-me for adding organs, paper for writing informative paragraphs on muscles, bones, heart, lungs, brain, stomach, intestines, digestive system, kidneys, and the human body.
-Drug Free Week is during this unit time frame. Included are materials for talking about staying drug free and an "'OWL' stay drug free!" writing and creativity.

Created by Whitney Shaddock, 2013
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