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Educents is the trusted resource for 11th grade lessons/curriculum/teaching tools. Discover practice pages for math courses (Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus), interactive tools that make history lessons come to life, and hands-on experiments that make science entertaining. Eleventh grade lessons become fun with items from Educents.

Want to add an unexpected twist to your 11th grade lessons? Try to have them plan your next vacation, thus incorporating geography lessons with writing skills!

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Students in 11th grade are beginning to prepare for what comes after high school. Besides their current classes, they are also preparing for standardized tests, such as the ACT or SAT. They need to be able to respond to deeper thinking questions, deliver organized speeches, calculate accurately and effectively.

There are many options available on Educents for your 11th grader’s learning experiences. Companies like Mr. Science Teacher offer full courses with everything you need to complete a high school course. We also have SAT and ACT preparation courses available. Juniors in high school still like to have fun! Want to turn a lesson into something more exciting? Let them play some games! Grab some flashcards for their current topic of study and turn it into a matching or quiz-style game.


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