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Word Family Wheels ( Short Vowels #2)
The Reading Mama
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This is a great tool to work on CVCC words. Includes TWENTY-TWO word wheels.

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Product Description

This is a great tool to use during the word work portion of your guided reading lesson. Includes TWENTY-TWO word wheels.

The following word wheels are included...
pg.5 -ack: back, hack, jack, pack, rack, sack, black, tack
pg.6 -amp: camp, damp, lamp, champ, clamp, cramp, stamp, ramp
pg.7 -and: band, hand, land, sand, bland, gland, brand, stand
pg.8 -ang: bang, hang, rang, sang, gang, fang, clamp, tang
pg.9 -ank: bank, rank, sank, tank, yank, thank, blank, prank
pg.10 -ash: bash, cash, dash, gash, mash, rash, trash, sash
pg.11 -eck: deck, heck, neck, peck, check, fleck speck, wreck
pg.12 -ell: bell, dell, fell, sell, tell, well, yell, shell
pg.13 -end: bend, lend, mend, send, blend, spend, trend, tend
pg 14 -ent: bent, dent, lent, rent, sent, tent, went, spent
pg.15 -est: best, nest, pest, rest, test, vest, west, chest
pg.16 –ick: kick, lick, nick, pick, sick, tick, chick, stick
pg.17 –ill: bill, dill, fill, gill, hill, pill, will, grill
pg.18 –ing: ring, sing, wing, bring, fling, sting, swing, thing
pg.19 –ink: link, mink, pink, rink, sink, wink, drink, stink
pg.20 –ock: dock, lock, mock, rock, sock, tock, clock, shock
pg.21 –uck: buck, duck, luck muck, puck, tuck, chuck, stuck
pg.22 –ump: dump, bump, hump, lump, jump, pump, clump, stump
pg.23 –ung: hung, lung, rung, sung, clung, flung, stung, dung
pg.24 –unk: bunk, hunk, dunk, junk, sunk, chunk, skunk, gunk
pg.25 –ush: brush, hush, lush, mush, rush, gush, blush, flush
pg.26 –ust: crust, bust, dust, just, gust, must, rust, trust

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My name is Kristen. I have been a Kindergarten Teacher and Reading Specialist for the last ten years! I am currently a stay at home mama with my three kiddos.... and it is the best job ever! I love creating resources to use in the classroom and at home. Thanks for stopping by my store!

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