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Word Family Wheels (Short Vowels #1)
The Reading Mama
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This is a great tool to work on CVC and CCVC words. Includes TWENTY-SEVEN word wheels.

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Product Description

The following word wheels are included...
pg.6 -ab: cab, scab, jab, nab, gab, lab, crab, tab
pg.7 -ad: dad, mad, fad, had, bad, pad, glad, sad
pg.8 -ag: wag, tag, bag, sag, gag, lag, brag, rag
pg. 9 -am: ham, swam, jam, slam, cram, yam, clam, bam
pg.10 -an: van, man, fan, ran, pan, tan, than, can
pg.11 –ap #1: map, tap, rap, nap, zap, lap, sap, cap
pg.12 –ap #2: gap, chap, flap, slap, zap, snap, clap, trap
pg.13 -ed: bed, shed, fed, wed, sped, led, sled, red
pg.14 -en: hen, then, pen, men, ten, den, glen, when
pg.15 -et: pet, met, jet, net, get, let, wet, bet
pg.16 -id: kid, slid, hid, bid, did, lid, skid, rid
pg.17 -ig: dig, wig, jig, rig, big, fig, swig, pig
pg.18 -im: rim, brim, him, trim, slim, dim, skim, swim
pg.19 -in: win, spin, fin, sin, pin, tin, chin, bin
pg.20 -ip #1: lip, zip, dip, sip, hip, tip, nip, rip
pg.21 -ip #2: drip, ship, flip, slip, snip, trip, grip, chip
pg.22 -it: sit, spit, fit, pit, hit, kit, lit, bit
pg.23 -ob: cob, blob, job, snob, gob, rob, slob, mob
pg.24 -od: rod, nod, clod, pod, cod, sod, plod, God
pg.25 -og: dog, smog, fog, clog, log, hog, frog, jog
pg.26 -op: cop, shop, bop, mop, hop, top, stop, pop
pg.27 -ot: hot, dot, jot, cot, got, lot, not, pot
pg.28 -ub: tub, cub, rub, sub, club, hub, grub, stub
pg.29 -ug: bug, mug, jug, lug, dug, pug, rug, tug
pg.30 -um: gum, drum, hum, mum, bum, slum, glum, sum
pg.31 -un: sun, spun, fun, nun, pun, bun, shun, run
pg.32 -ut: cut, shut, but, nut, gut, jut, hut, rut

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About the Seller
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My name is Kristen. I have been a Kindergarten Teacher and Reading Specialist for the last ten years! I am currently a stay at home mama with my three kiddos.... and it is the best job ever! I love creating resources to use in the classroom and at home. Thanks for stopping by my store!

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