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Pre-K - Kinder Curriculum Bundle

Preschool Rocks Bundle - 72% off!

Are you guiding your little ones through pre-school? Then this is the bundle for you! Includes instant downloads that cover letters, sounds, numbers, counting, colors, shapes, phonemic awareness, and much more! You will receive printables, games, centers, and interactive activities you are sure to love!

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Product Description


Who is it for?

  • Students working preschool content
  • Preschool teachers and homeschooling parents
  • Parents looking for supplemental activities

What is included?

This product contains instant digital downloads for those working with students in preschool. With 982 pages of activities you are sure to find many activities that will work for you!

Why buy?

  • Wide variety of literacy and math activities.
  • Centers, printables, interactive games, and much more. 
  • 982 pages of engaging and fun materials.

ABC Necklaces [Hands-On Phonics and Phonemic Awareness) by Littlest Scholars.   This packet is sure to engage your students as they learn letters and sounds! One necklace for each letter is included (all consonants and short vowels). Students color, cut, and string the pictures on to yarn or string. Great for students who are beginning to read by providing practice with beginning sounds, print concepts, and fine motor skills! I've also included ideas for using these necklaces throughout the day to develop other foundational literacy skills: rhyme, syllables, and oral language.   Retail price of $5 and 29 pages are included. 

Frogs and Toads Letter Matching Game by Mrs. Mathis Homeroom.   This is a fun letter matching game that is perfect for a literacy center. Students simply match the frog to the same letter lily pad. Perfect for building letter recognition skills! Get creative and play the game in different ways, such as having a partner say the letter the other needs to find, saying the letters in Spanish or French, or racing the clock!  Retail price of $3 and 9  pages are included. 

Getting Ready For Kindergarten (Parent Pack, RTI, Assessments) by Nurturing Noggins.   The more practice the kids get at home, the more they learn in the classroom.  This pack includes letter, number, shape, and first sound fluency practice activities as well as a list of useful resources that can be easily emailed to parents if you are a teacher for interventions.    Retail price of $8 and 50 pages are included. 


Math Games and Math Centers: Beginning Number Concepts 1-10 {Cats and Dogs} by Sweet Tea Classroom.   Your little ones will have fun learning their numbers 1-10 with these beginning number concepts math centers and math games. This 60+ page math center set includes the following math games to meet your counting and cardinality needs: 1 set color Dogs no error number cards; 1 set black and white Dogs no error number cards; 1 set color Cats no error number cards; 1 set black and white Cats no error number cards; 1 set color Cats numbers 1-10 clip it game; 1 set color Dogs numbers 1-10 clip it game, 1 set Cats and Dogs numbers 1-10
1 set black and white Dogs coloring pages or posters for numbers one through ten; 1 set black and white Cats coloring pages or posters for numbers one through ten; and 
1 set triangle classroom decor number bunting for numbers 1-10.  Also included is a cute cat and dog classroom decor 1-10 number bunting to reinforce learning the numbers.  Retail price of $6 and 60 are included. 

I Can Read the Alphabet by Crayons and Curls.   This packet includes a mini-book for the letters of the alphabet, 12 worksheets to use as review or assessment, (6 Capital and 6 lowercase worksheets), flashcards to use as review, assessment or as a game and play dough mats.  Retail price of $5 and 57 pages are included. 

Real or Not Real? Reality vs Fantasy Picture Sorts For Budding Readers by A Teacher's Idea.   This resource can help students to distinguish between reality and fantasy. This allows them to think critically about graphics and illustrations that are presented to them from an early level. There are 80 picture cards for your kiddos to sort into two categories: Real or Fantasy.  Retail price of $4 and 26 pages are included. 

Sand and Water “Sensory” Table Task Cards and More by The Fun Factory.   Do you have reservations about having a sand and water table in your room? Do you have difficulty thinking of ways to use the sand and water table? If so, here is the answer for you! All activities are designed based on brain research and meet many of the Common Core Objectives.  Using a sand/water or “sensory” table encourages higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills, naturally scaffolds learning, builds vocabulary, improves strength in small motor muscles, and allows for exploration, observation and discovery. These are just a few of the many reasons to use a sand/water table!!  Retail price of $5 and 25 pages are included. 

Letter Books for Pre-K Students by 1…2…3… Teach With Me.   These letter books will give your young students practice with uppercase and lowercase letters.  Included in each book is handwriting practice with uppercase and lowercase letters, finding letters in their environment (cut out letters from magazines and other print and glue them), letter hunts (students will color in only the uppercase and lowercase letter - you can also mark with finger-paint, counters, pom-poms, stickers etc.), letter decoration (students can decorate their letters with textured materials or just simple coloring.)  Retail price of $5 and 81 pages are included. 

Preschool Math by Chalk One Up for the Teacher.   Here's a bright and colorful unit full of fun activities just right for your little one.  Included in this unit is number/quantity memory match, color pattern fun, color match game (colors and words), clothespin quantity/number ID, shape match, butterfly counting mats, and a find the missing number game.    Each game comes with a label card that includes the directions. Perfect for adhering to the outside of an envelope. Use the envelope to store the game.  Retail price of $10 and 47 pages are included. 


Rhyming Unit Mega Bundle: 17 Rhyming Activities by Random Craftiness.   This pack includes 17 activities to help young learners with their rhyming skills. The CCSS aligned pack includes the following:  Large and small word cards for writing activities, Go Fish cards, Memory cards, Bingo cards with 2 ways to play, Spin and Rhyme Board Game, Spin and Color activity, I Have, Who Has? Game, Rhyming Write the Room, Rhyming I-Spy activity, Rhyming, Spinning Wheel, Word Find activity, Various Matching practice worksheets, Color-by-Word-Family, Rhyme Matching Mats, Rhyming Puzzles, Rhyming Foldable, and Rhyming Beginning Readers with 2 versions!  Everything you could need to improve rhyming skills!!  Retail price of $10 and 74 pages are included. 

My Personal Information (An EDITABLE Velcro Mini-Book) by Primarily Au-SOme.   When I first started this school year I was shocked at how many students didn't know there personal information. I think we take knowing if for granted. So in comes this product.  It allows you to personalize the book for each student in your class. They will answer questions which include the following: their name, how to spell their name, their home phone number, mom and dad’s name and number, emergency numbers, age, gender, school, grade, teacher’s name, address, and how many brothers & sisters they have.  Book is culturally diverse with have white boy and girl and black boy and girl be the main characters with in the mini- book, allowing the book to be reflective of the student's in your class.  Retail price of $6 and 68 pages are included. 

Name that Shape-Geometry Games with 3D and 2D shapes by Georgia Grown Kiddos.   This game set has a combination of 2- and 3-D shapes. The students spin a numbers or shapes spinner. When they identify the shape correctly, they can move on to the finish line! This can be a center or a quick assessment of shapes.  Students will practice describing objects in the environment, use positional words, id dimension of shape, compare and analyze shapes and much more!  Retail price of $2 and 8 pages are included. 

A Dab of Learning {Bingo Dabber Letter & Number Recognition Activities} by The Printable Princess.   If your kiddos love bingo dabbers, then they will LOVE this packet!  Perfect for learning basic skills… students will learn letters, letter sounds, numbers, counting, and more all while having fun with a bingo dabber. (Plus it's great for hand-eye coordination!) Skills included in this packet: differentiate between letter and number, differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters, letter and number formation, letter matching, match uppercase to lowercase letters, beginning sounds, number matching, ten frames (a basic introduction), and counting to 10.  Retail price of $7 and 60 pages are included. 

ABC's And 123's! A Glittery Letters And Numbers Pack! by Kindergarten Smorgasboard.   This letters and numbers pack was created to add some serious sparkle to our chicka chicka week at the beginning of the school year.  This 100 page common core aligned pack includes centers and activities for letters and numbers. The activities and centers are designed to be used in a variety of ways and can be differentiated which allows you to meet the needs of all students!  Retail price of $7 and 100 are included. 

Kitty Cat Numeration and Ordering by Mrs. Richardson's Class.   This is a set of 7 math work stations that reinforce numeration to 5, number combinations of 5, counting to 30, one-to-one correspondence, and ordering days of the week and months of the year. Activities Included are:  Buttons and Shoes Match Up (with data sheet,) Kitty Number Puzzles (in color and black and white,) Kitty Number Combinations for 5 (with data sheet,) Counting Paws to 30, Kitty’s Calendar Creating (with data sheet,) Kitty Can Order (with data sheet,) and Paw Print Comparisons.  Retail price of $7 and 67 pages are included. 

Mega Sort Bundle {Numbers 1-10, 10-20, and Letters} by Mrs. Hoffer's Spot. This is a bundle of Number and Letters Sorts! The students will cut out all the numbers and sort them. Then they will glue the four that match in the boxes, and then glue the other four under the line.  The Letters have 4beginning sounds for the consonants, and the vowels have all 5 medial vowel sounds.  The numbers 1-10 have tallies, ten frames, number words and die.   The numbers 10-20 have base ten, ten frames, number words and dominoes.  Retail price of $9 and 143 pages are included.  (This item includes 3 downloads.)This is a bundle of Number and Letters Sorts! The students will cut out all the numbers and sort them. Then they will glue the four that match in the boxes, and then glue the other four under the line.  The Letters have 5 beginning sounds for the consonants, and the vowels have all 5 medial vowel sounds.  The numbers 1-10 have tallies, ten frames, number words and die.   The numbers 10-20 have base ten, ten frames, number words and dominoes.  Retail price of $9 and 143 pages are included.  (This item includes 3 downloads.)

Time to Rhyme by Mrs. Hodge and her Kinder Kids.   Do your kiddos need practice with rhyming? If so, this is what you need!  What's included:  color rhyming picture cards, color rhyming picture cards with words, rhyming worksheets, cut and paste rhyming worksheets, my rhyming book of words, I have/ who has game, and yes/No rhyming cards.   Retail price of $7 and 78 pages are included. 

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