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Grades 3-5 Math Curriculum Activities
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Save 68% on 3rd-5th Grade Math Curriculum & Activities

Perfect for kids in Grades 3-5

Great for Homeschooling families! 

+ Anyone interested in teaching math! 

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Product Description

Who is it for?

Kids in grades 3-5
Homeschooling families
Anyone interested in teaching math


What is included?

More than 190 pages of materials

interactive activities
flash cards
task cards
foldies and journaling
individual, small, and whole group activities
+ much, much more.

Key Concepts covered:

Equivalent fractions
Comparing fractions
Building fractions
Operations with fractions
Multiplying and dividing decimals
Multiplication of single and multi-digit whole numbers
Line Plots
Word Problems
Real life situations


Why buy?

3 major math concepts covered
Printables, activities, lessons, games and more!
190 pages of engaging and fun materials.

Super Hero Multiplication Fact Boards and Flash Cards Bundle by I Love My Classroom

It's Super Hero Time! Do your students have trouble filling out multiplication cards?

All cards contain a grid from 1-9 multiplication facts. Cards are designed to help with placement and patterns, square number answers, and reviewing patterns.  These flash cards are great for small groups, math centers, for review, or homework practice.  Full retail value of $4.40 and 28 pages are included.  This item is sold normally as 3 different products. 


Mighty Math Strategies- Multiplication (Box Method) by Fifth in The Middle

This exciting box method is ideal for those students who know their basic facts and can multiply by powers of ten. The box method helps students to retain place value concepts instead of memorizing a routine (divide, multiply, subtract, bring down).

Full retail value of $4.00 and 14 pages are included. 


Decimals Task Cards or Scoot Game—ALL Operations by Coffee Cups and Lesson PlansHelp your students learn decimals with fun task cards! This set of Decimals Task Cards includes task or Scoot Cards for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Set includes computation and word problems and is a great way to review/warm-up before teaching or as an assessment!  Students can also use them as independent practice or for drills!  Full retail value of $4.00 and 30 pages are included.  


Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers Centers by Fourth Grade FlipperMake multiplying fractions fun for your kids!  Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers includes two fraction math centers that will challenge advanced learners. The centers include an activity game and word problem task cards involving multiplication of fractions.  This unit is great for high achieving 3rd graders, on target 4th graders, and for review or struggling 5th graders.  Full retail value of $3.00 and 25 pages are included. 


Fractions with Recipes by I Heart RecessLooking for a fun new way to teach your kids fractions? Try incorporating these recipe task cards to teach or practice.  You can assign four teams of students a task card (recipe) and students use the included workmats to answer questions about the recipes or use as a math center for students.  Full retail value of $2.00 and 8 pages are included. 


Line Plots with Fractions Math Center by Fourth Grade FlipperThis packet contains two variations of a math center where students make line plots using fractions and then interpret the data represented.  These center games include pizza cards and dice to help kids learn fractions in terms of pizza slices!  Since nearly all kids love pizza it’s sure to be a hit! Full retail value of $3.00 and 19 pages are included. 


Interactive Lessons for Greatest Common Factor, Least Common Multiple and Prime Factorization by Coffee Cups and Lesson PlansPrime Factorization can be tricky! This packet includes an interactive lesson for finding prime numbers to 100, lesson for using a prime ladder for prime factorization, lessons for using the prime ladder for least common multiple and greatest common factor. It also includes a bonus prime ladder to simplify a fraction.  Full retail value of $3.00 and 11 pages are included. 


Multiplication Mini Unit by I Heart RecessStudents will learn area model and expanded form model of multiplication with this mini unit. They teach 2-digit by 1-digit, up to 4-digit by 1-digit, and 2-digit by 2-digit. It also uses word problems so students can work out multiplication questions with every day examples.   Full retail value of $3.00  and 14 pages are included. 

Froggie Fraction Task Card Bundle by I Love My ClassroomFractions are a big concept for students to learn and are sometimes difficult to grasp. This bundle combines task card sets allowing students to have a chance to review and test prep equivalent fractions, simplifying/reducing fractions, changing mixed numbers to improper fractions, changing improper fractions to mixed numbers, adding like denominators, subtracting like denominators, and adding unlike denominators. So beneficial you’ll use them all the time!  Full retail value of $4.80 and 25 pages are included.  This item is sold as 3 separate downloads. 


Basketball Madness- Differentiated Math Practice for Upper Elementary by Fifth in The Middle.   This bundle combines two fraction task card sets:  Fraction Multiple Choice Task Cards and Add and Subtract Like and Unlike Denominator Task Cards.  Differentiated math practices don’t have to be difficult.  Task cards can be used during whole group instruction, as games or centers, for test prep or assessments, and as homework.  64 task cards in all are included with an answer key and student printables that match.  All in a fun basketball theme the kids will love!  Full retail value of $4.00 and 16 pages are included.

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  • Handy!
    Mar 20, 2016

    I purchased this package with two others with the intention of using some of the resources in lessons and some as fast finisher activities. It has been so helpful d having a selection of activities set to go at the click of a button. I've saved so much time, especially as a TRT. I cannot wait to use it with my next class!

    Aleesha P - Member Since July 2014

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