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This PUNCTUATION for PUN'KINS Fall Edition will increase your students understanding of the rules for using quotation marks, capitals and commas. It is a follow-on to the Back to School Edition.
Product Description

Punctuation for Pun’kins Fall Edition will increase your students’ editing skills with fun, Hands-On activities. The fall edition assumes that your students have completed the Punctuation for Pun'kins Back to School Edition, have been using those Punctuation Rule Cards, and are aware of the punctuation rules covered in that primer. This edition will review the basic skills covered in the primer and new rules for capitalization, commas and quotation marks. 

18 Punctuation Rule Cards for Punctuation for Pun’kins Fall Edition include: 

Capitalization: proper adjectives; titles before a name; and initials and abbreviations that stand for names, titles and organizations.

Commas: to clarify a sentence; after introductory information; to set off an appositive (and not to use commas with restrictive appositives. A HINT card is also included to help your students determine if a comma is needed when a proper noun is followed by an appositive); to set off nonessential clauses or phrases; to separate two or more coordinate adjectives describing the same noun (and a HINT card to help determine if the adjectives are coordinate or not); between an –ly adjective and other adjectives describing the same noun (A HINT card is included to help your students determine if an –ly word is an adjective—modifying the noun—or an adverb—modifying the adjective; for writing dates (and when commas are not necessary). 

Quotation Marks: to set off special words and for quotations within quotations.

There are 20 Sentence Strips for your students to edit. Half of the Sentence Strips have punctuation and capitalization errors within a dialog; the other half have non-conversational errors. Recording sheets and an answer key are included.

Your students will use the 18 Punctuation Rule Cards from this edition along with the 25 Punctuation Rule Cards from Punctuation for Pun'kins Back to School Edition to edit the Sentence Strips correctly. Review the cards with your class before they begin editing. Then, as you go over their corrections, have them tell you which rules they followed. The Punctuation Rule Cards will be a GREAT resource for your students to use on their weekly dictation, grammar work and creative writing projects.

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The aim of Preparilli Press is to train up children--not only to be successful students, but also to LOVE learning. Connect with me on Facebook and at Preparilli Press to see these products in action and grab some great freebies.

Before becoming a homeschooling mom, I received my Master of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Florida.  After graduating, I had a career as a base planner for the United States Air Force.  While working at the USAF Academy, I met my pilot-husband and began travelling the US and growing our family.  Since 2005, I have homeschooled our seven children in South Carolina, Washington, New Jersey, Illinois, and now, Alaska! I love being a part of my children's education. We have four boys, three girls and lots of learning styles. Every year brings new learning adventures and challenges--and I look forward to sharing them with you. 

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