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PHONEMIC POSTERS (Consonant and Vowel Sounds from A to Z) Anchor Charts
Preparilli Press
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PHONEMIC POSTERS represent each phoneme graphically and depict the “sound pictures” or letter combinations that make each sound. These are perfect for helping new writers or struggling students decode and spell.
Product Description

If you have taught even one child to read and write, or have strived to help a struggling student decode and spell, you have spent time dealing with all the different letter combinations that make each English phoneme (sound).

Did you know that the English language has 1,100 different ways to spell its 44 separate phonemes? This results in words that sound the same being spelled differently. What about the words that contain letters that have nothing to do with the way they are pronounced? Or the spelling “rules” with lists of exceptions? This can be TOUGH to teach your young readers and struggling students!

These PHONEMIC POSTERS will help make that task easier for you! (Check out the PREVIEW to see all that is included). The posters cover these 34 vowel and consonant phonemes*:

The sound ‘a’ (MAGIC)—a, al
The sound ‘a-e’ (BIRTHDAY)—a-e, ai, ay, ey, eigh, a, ei, aigh
The sound ‘b’ (BUBBLES)—b, bb
The sound ‘ch’ (CATCH, WATCH)—ch, tch
The sound ‘d’ (DOCTOR)—d, ed, dd
The sound ‘e’ (VET, PET)—e, ea, ai
The sound ‘ee’ (EASTER BUNNY)—ee, ea, ie, y, i-e, I, ei, e-e, ey
The sound ‘er’ (SUPER heroes)–ir, ur, or, ar, er, ear, yr
The sound ‘f’ (FANCY, FILM)—f, ff, ph, gh
The sound ‘g’ (GHOST, GHOUL)—g, gg, gh
The sound ‘i’ (GRIN, GIGGLE)—i, y
The sound ‘i-e’ (NIGHT, HIGH, PINE)—i-e, i, igh, y
The sound ‘j’ (JACK, GIANT)—j, g, ge, dge
The sound ‘k’ (MONKEY, SCHOOL)—k, c, ck, ch
The sound ‘l’ (APPLE)—l, ll, le, el, il, al
The sound ‘m’ (AUTUMN)—m, mb, mm, mn
The sound ‘n’ (NEW year)—n, nn, kn, gn, pn
The sound ‘o’ (ASTRONAUT)—o, au, aw, al, a, ough, augh
The sound ‘oe’ (SNOW)—o-e, oa, oe, o, ow, ough, ou, oo
The sound ‘long oo’ (SHOE)– oo, ue, ew, u ui, u-e, ou, oe, o, ough
The sound ‘oo’ (LOOK)—oo, oul, u
The sound ‘ow’ (COW, HOUSE)—ow, ou, ough
The sound ‘oy’ (BOYS)—oy, oi
The sound ‘p’ (PUPPIES)—p, pp
The sound ‘qu’ (QUEEN)—qu
The sound ‘r’ (READ)—r, wr, rr, rh, re
The sound ‘s’ (SUMMER, SAND, SWIM)—s, ss, se, ce, c
The sound ‘sh’ (SHOP)—sh, ch, s
The sound ‘t’ (KITTEN, CAT)—t, tt, bt, pt
The sound ‘u’ (GUM, BUBBLE)—u, ou, o-e, o, a
The sound ‘u-e’ (MUSIC)—u-e, u, ue, ew
The sound ‘v’ (LOVE)—v, ve
The sound ‘w’ (WILD animals)—w, wh
The sound ‘z’ (WIZARD of OZ)—z, s, se, ze, zz, x

Each poster represents a phoneme graphically and depicts the “sound pictures” or letter combinations that make the sound. The sound pictures are listed in order, from most common to the rare spellings. For your reference, the charts (see the PREVIEW--these are also part of the download) provide sample words for each “sound picture”.

Because pronunciation of words and sounds varies considerably from region to region of the country, you may find that some of the words on the charts don’t match your pronunciation of them. These are the "standard pronunciation" you would find in Oxford Dictionary. You are welcome, however, to explain to your students that some people say the sound as it is presented in the chart. Also, please note that the rare spellings, presented last in each box on the charts and posters, are included to help older students and do not need to be presented to new readers.

The PHONEMIC POSTERS are designed for daily, long-term use. You will want to print them on cardstock and laminate.

*The phonemes and sound pictures included on these posters were identified by Read America Inc and presented in Reading Reflex.

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