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Life of Fred High School Math Set
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Life of Fred - Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt
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Fred's mathematical journey continues through high school in six titles during which he learns:

  • why you can’t divide by zero
  • about venn diagrams
  • Cramer’s rule
  • four-dimensional geometry

Practice these concepts zillions of time in two supplemental titles. Grab one or all six titles from the high school series for more Fred math fun!

For more fun-filled books on your favorite character, visit the Life of Fred page!  

Scroll down for more details on all of the books in this series.

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Total Price: $290.08

Product Description

Concepts covered: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, college math, college prep


Who is it for?

  • Life of Fred fans
  • High School level learners
  • Anyone wanting a fun way to review high school math concepts


Why buy?

Follow Fred's mathematical journey beyond elementary and middle school years. 

What is included?

Includes all of the following titles:

Beginning Algebra Expanded Edition (Retail $39) - All of first-year algebra.

In five days of Fred’s life, every aspect of beginning algebra pops up in our hero’s life.

What it takes to get drafted into the army at age 6
New milkshake marketing techniques
About enjambment in the colonel’s library
. . . and algebra

Concepts included: Finite/Infinite Numbers, Natural numbers, Whole numbers, Integers, Adding signed numbers, Ratios, Multiplying signed numbers, Proportions, Inequalities in the integers, Continued Ratios, Adding like terms, Rectangles, Trapezoids, Sectors, Symmetric Law of Equality, Order of operations, Solving Equations, and more! 

Zillions of Practice Problems Beginning Algebra (Retail $29) - Keyed directly to the chapters and topics of Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra.

Need a lot of practice or stuck on a particular kind of problem? This book has been requested by many readers. Keyed directly to the chapters and topics of Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra. Each problem worked out in complete detail. Eleven mixture word problems are each worked out step by step, often using a whole page of explanation for each problem. Thirteen quadratic equations solved by completing the square. Thirteen examples of two equations with two unknowns solved by the elimination method. This book is mandatory for those who need it. The Zillions of Practice Problems Slogan: If your cat can work through all the problems in this book, your cat can teach Beginning Algebra at any school in the nation.

Life of Fred: Advanced Algebra Expanded Edition (Retail $39) - All of second-year high school algebra.

Every aspect of advanced algebra pops in our hero's everyday life. *The author recommends taking Advanced Algebra before Geometry.

Romance! How to approach a good-looking passenger on the bus
Cuisine! What pie you shouldn't order...unless you're rich
Travel! Parts of Kansas you've never been to
Fashion! Hairless anteriors and gold chains
Music! Contains the piano music—newest hit from Rockin' Rita

Concepts included: Ratios, Median averages, Proportions, Dividing by zero, Cross-multiplying, Constants of proportionality, Inverse variation, Direct variation, Joint variation, Weight varies directly as the cube of the height, Area varies directly as the square of the height, Volume varies directly as the cube of the height, Laws of exponents, and more!

Zillions of Practice Problems: Advanced Algebra (Retail $29) - Keyed directly to the chapters and topics of Life of Fred: Advanced Algebra.

Each problem is worked out in complete detail.

Ten exponential equations worked out step by step.
Over 40 problems dealing with functions.
Sixteen imaginary number problems solved in detail.
Eleven linear programming problems—each taking about a page to solve.
A bonus six-page introduction to Turing Machines.

Life of Fred: Geometry Expanded Edition (Retail $39) - This expanded edition includes answers to all problems. No answer key is required.

*The author recommends taking Advanced Algebra before Geometry.

One day in Fred's Life in which he:

Falls in love! Her eyes were absolutely fascinating.
Writes opera! Almost half of Boat Ride on Lake Tiberius inside.
Buys Hecks Kitchen! With stainless steel bars and lots of heat.
Does all of geometry! From a point and a line to the 14th dimension.

Concepts included: Points and Lines, Angles, Triangles, Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines, Quadrilaterals, Area, Similar Triangles, Symbolic Logic, Right Triangles, Circles, Constructions, Non-Euclidean Geometry, Solid Geometry, Geometry in Four Dimensions, Coordinate Geometry, Flawless (Modern) Geometry.

Life of Fred: Trigonometry Expanded Edition (Retail $39) - This book has all the problems completely worked out.

A day and a half in our hero's everyday life.

Cuisine! See what dinner in a limo really is like.
Entrepreneurship! Learn how to create a best-selling board game.
Sports! Witness the boxing match of the century.
Fashion! Create a T-shirt to keep you out of the hospital.
Trig! All of it. You'll be ready for calculus

Concepts included: Sines, Cosines and Tangents, Graphing, Significant Digits, Trig Functions of Any Angle, Trig Identities, Graphing a sin(bx + c), Radian Measurement, Conditional Trig Equations, Functions of Two Angles, Oblique Triangles, Inverse Trig Functions, Polar Coordinates, Polar Form of Complex Numbers, Preview of all of Calculus.


Ask The Seller

Hi, I was wanting to purchase your Geometry Expanded alone--I don't see a listing for it. Would you be able to add one? Thank you!

Asked on May 26th, 2016 (Edited)

Yes! Click on this link:

Answered by Life of Fred - Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt on July 11th, 2016 (Edited)

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  • Fun & Fabulous!
    Apr 25, 2016

    We use LoF to supplement our math curriculum. The kids (and I) love the real-world application and the easy to understand stories.

    Christina W - Homeschooler - Member Since April 2016

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About the Seller
780 Reviews

The Life of Fred contains fun stories about a child prodigy math genius your students can follow along as he gives real-world examples of everything from math to language arts. In the Life of Fred Elementary Math Series, your students will learn everything from telling time, division, beginning algebra, and more!


You can purchase one book at a time or the entire set at a discounted price! Order more as their skills progress such as the Life of Fred Intermediate Series that incorporate biology, physics, and economics using pre-algebra formulas.


The stories carry on through the exercises, and many of the books have a series of quizzes that bridge them to the next chapter. Some books have all the problem solutions in them, while others have separate answer keys or companions.

Written by Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt, these affordable books were designed to keep your students engaged in math while also following along a storyline. Perfect for independent study, each unit teaches concepts that can be applied using real-world examples. Find out more by reading this blog post!


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