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Life of Fred Beginning Reader Complete Set
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Life of Fred - Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt
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Kids LOVE this 18 book series that walks children through various stages of reading development with engaging content. Trust us, kids won't put these down and fall in love with the main character, Fred. 

For ages 4+

The entire set is less than $6 book. 

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Product Description

Who is it for?

  • Beginner readers (ages 4 and up)


Why buy?

Kids already love the Life of Fred stories, now they can read more stories to develop their reading skills!

When you do the math, you are getting each book for less than $6!


What is included? 

Grab the COMPLETE set of 18 Life of Fred beginning reader books. 

Kids actually want to read these books!

Each book contains 32 pages. 

To see sample pages, click here.


The set includes the following 18 Life of Fred titles:

Eden #1 Blue:
      Meet Fred and his doll and kick off the series with Life of Fred Blue.

 Eden #2 Bus:
      Take the bus with Fred and Kingie to the lake with Life of Fred Bus.

Eden #3 Lake:
      Fred goes on a hike and learns how to deal with wildlife in Life of Fred Lake.

Eden #4 Potato Dreams:
      Learn to talk about your dreams, make french fries, and learn why Kingie wears two different hats with Life of Fred Potato Dreams.

Eden #5 Ducks:
      Learn about three emotions: sad, happy, and afraid with Life of Fred Ducks.

Eden #6 Rain:
     Fred and Kingie are stuck in the rain! Read along as they deal with ducks laying eggs in Life of Fred Rain.

Eden #7 Mud
      Make a mud hat, swim in a lake and find out how pizza solves everything in Life of Fred Mud.

Eden #8 Night
      Help Fred learn how to read a clock, know the days of the week and wait for the bus in Life of Fred Night! 

Eden #9 Dawn
      Learn the difference between purple, magenta, and violet as Fred encounters all three in Life of Fred Dawn. 

Eden #10 House
     Read along and follow Fred as he prepares the land to build his house and make it duck proof in Life of Fred House!

Eden #11 Windows
      How can you let sunlight in but keep the ducks out? Learn why you need windows and how to buy and install windows.  Follow along with Fred as he solves this problem  

      with Life of Fred Windows

Eden #12 Kitchen
      Kingie is hungry but can't make anything without a kitchen! Follow Fred as he builds himself a kitchen and selects a stove and a refrigerator in Life of Fred Kitchen

Eden #13 Electricity
     Women as well as men can be electricians. Electricity does not just magically come from outlets. Kids shouldn't play with electricity. Bach did not own a cell phone.

Eden #14 Dinner
     A dime is 10 cents. Kitchens need water. Direction: right. North, South, East, and West, on a US Map. A dozen minus one is eleven

Eden #15 Evening
     Sharing spaghetti with a duck. 6 + 1 = 7. Washing dishes by hand. Becoming an oil painter. Saying thank you. Learning to work neatly.

Eden #16 Garden
     Ducks don't have teeth. Planting a garden that the ducks won't eat. Seven kinds of fruit trees. How to plant a tree.What roots are. Why we water plants. Mistakes are a part of learning something new

Eden #17 Peach
     It takes several years until you get fruit. Giving a gift makes the giver happy. Making peach butter, peach leather, peach salad, and peach pizza. Not taking things that

     aren't yours. Boat Safety. One dollar and $1 mean the same thing.

Eden #18 Going Home
     Review the days of the week. Show how not to sell a house. Introduce the ordinal numbers: first, second, third. Give a picture of what 100 looks like

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Ask The Seller

Do you ship to Malaysia? If so, how much would be the shipping fee and how long is the duration?

Asked by a Homeschooler, Parent, and Super-hero on August 25th, 2016 (Edited)

Yes! You can find shipping policies here: Shipping time to Asia can vary, but you should expect at least two weeks.

Answered by Life of Fred - Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt on August 25th, 2016 (Edited)

My daughter is going into 3rd grade and reads at a 5th grade level. Which Life of Fred readers should I begin with as this is our first time with Life of Fred.

Asked by a Parent on May 23rd, 2016 (Edited)

Beginning Readers may be a little low for her. Please check out the Language Arts series for more challenging material:

Answered by Life of Fred - Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt on July 11th, 2016 (Edited)

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  • Love it!
    Aug 29, 2016

    This is a superb set. I cannot be happier , our 5 year old loves this and I'm so glad!! He loves numbers but not crazy about reading, now it's easy!

    Sarah O - Parent - Member Since September 2015
    Aug 10, 2016

    My kids have been loving these books and they've been SUCH a great addition to our homeschool lessons. My boys in particular just LOVE these. I highly recommend them for any family, homeschooled or not. :)

    Sabrina S - Member Since November 2013
  • these look great!
    Jul 09, 2016

    my kids need motivation for reading practice, so since we love the math by Life of Fred i decided to get these... cant wait to use them this fall!

    Christina C - Homeschooler, Parent, Teacher, Super-hero - Member Since August 2015
  • More Fred!
    Jul 05, 2016

    My son was so excited when these came in the mail! He loves LOF Math and these reading books are great!!

    Megan K - Homeschooler, Parent - Member Since June 2016
  • Unexpected!
    Jun 21, 2016

    I wasn't really sure what to expect from these readers. I've gone through two boys already, teaching them to read out of simple readers that start with CVC (consonent-vowel-consonent) words. I'm soon to start with my 3rd boy in reading, and bought this set because I've heard great things about their math program. I read through the first couple books, and they are definitely no simple CVC books. And I like it! We don't dumb down the way we talk with our boys, and this book doesn't either. It's true there is occassionally one word per page, or short sentences, and even an incomplete sentence or two (that bothers the grammar-nazi in me). But overall, the story is fun, and it introduces several concepts in each book. Students will be reading longer/more difficult words sooner than a reader learning out of the more simple books. I really like these and can't wait to get started with boy #3 (and then boy #4 in a couple years as well.

    Carrie B - Member Since November 2013
  • Wonderful!
    Jun 07, 2016

    My son, 8 years old, can't get enough of these books! I have to take them away at night. He loves them so much that I catch him sitting up in bed reading them over and over again!

    Tricia S - Homeschooler, Parent - Member Since April 2016
  • not for the beginning
    Jun 07, 2016

    I bought this hoping to use it as our kindergarten reading program but it is not an easy start to reading. I feel like my child will be able to read these quickly when we have more sight words and practiced with another system. Cute stories though.

    Krista B - Homeschooler, Parent, Teacher, Super-hero - Member Since June 2015
  • My son loves these books!
    May 31, 2016

    Our 4 year old was doing awesome at learning to read with the game Ukloo but we needed some books to supplement. So I ordered a set of these and its just amazing how fast he has picked up reading and LOVES the story of Fred !! Such a great series and HIGHLY recommend!!!

    Erin C - Super-hero - Member Since March 2016
  • Life of Fred-Reading
    May 17, 2016

    We have mostly used this set for our 7 year old who really struggled with enjoying reading, but these have really drawn him in with his two favorite characters; Fred & Kingie!
    We had to get this set, because we are also enjoying the Math series!

    Autumn A - Homeschooler, Parent, Teacher, Super-hero - Member Since January 2016
  • So Far...Great!
    May 16, 2016

    We only just started, but so far, my reluctant 6 yr old, enjoys it. I'm not really pushing him to read it on his own, just a few words here and a sentence there. Right now, I just want him to enjoy it!

    Lada V - Parent - Member Since May 2016
  • My kids love these!
    May 10, 2016

    We got the elementary math series to start in the Fall, but my kids were interested so we have slowly started in Apples when they ask to read Fred. I decided we would get these and hold off on the math until the fall as planned. When I opened the box, my five year old twins and three year old were so excited for more Fred books. We've had the a week and I have read them about half of them and my daughter (one of the five year olds) has read the first three by her self! We love Fred!

    Keyla E - Homeschooler, Parent, Super-hero - Member Since April 2016
  • Surprisingly Wonderful
    May 04, 2016

    When I first opened these I as not that impressed. I knew my kids loved Fred {from the math books} but wasn't sure they would get the stories. My daughter instantly fell in LOVE. She reads them over and over again! They are great for her!

    Carisa H - Seller on Educents - Member Since August 2015
  • My son loves these!
    May 03, 2016

    My 6 year old son loves this series of easy readers. He thinks the stories are funny and can't wait to find out what new adventures Fred and Kingie get up to in each new book. Thank you for such a helpful resource!

    Christy C - Homeschooler - Member Since November 2015
  • Perfect!
    Apr 27, 2016

    My 6 year old is a struggling reader but can't get enough of Life of Fred!

    Denise G - Member Since November 2013
  • Great!
    Apr 25, 2016

    My preschooler loves them. They will be a great addition as she learns to read.

    Christina W - Homeschooler - Member Since April 2016
  • Love LOF!
    Apr 25, 2016

    My 4 year old has never been that interested in reading, but to my surprise, he has been loving these books! He asks me to read them over and over and is starting to recognize the words. I'm so excited to find something that can help spark a love of reading!

    Amanda W - Homeschooler, Parent - Member Since October 2015
  • My son loves these!
    Apr 19, 2016

    These Life of Fred beginning readers are perfect. They are just the right stage for my son learning to read. He really enjoys them! The books were in perfect condition, and shipped fast. Thanks Educents!

    Krissy H - Parent - Member Since December 2015
  • Fun
    Apr 12, 2016

    Life of Fred is engaging and doesn't feel like learning, even though my little ones are.

    Amy G - Member Since November 2013
  • We Love Fred!
    Apr 05, 2016

    We love Life of Fred. It's definitely unconventional but an absolutely engaging way to learn. My order shipped and arrived very quickly!

    Tracy G - Homeschooler, Parent - Member Since March 2016
  • Love!
    Apr 04, 2016

    We love Life of Fred and even though I thought these were a little lower than my 7 year old's reading level, he has thoroughly enjoyed them! I think they are so awesome to read over and over. All Life of Fred is NOT just about math or reading, it has science topics, life topics, and more sprinkled throughout to make for more learning! These did not disappoint and now we have them for when our toddler is ready to read!

    Candice F - Member Since November 2013
  • We love Fred
    Mar 30, 2016

    Don't be fooled by the simplicity. These are great books to help teach reading skills. They are also helping my little guy become more attached to Fred and Kingie, which is really helpful for when we read the LOF math books in the evenings with his big brother.

    Brittani S - Homeschooler - Member Since November 2015
    Mar 19, 2016


    Gabby H - Homeschooler, Parent, Teacher, Super-hero - Member Since September 2015
  • <3 it
    Mar 18, 2016

    The books are so fun to read. We have had them for a little over a week and I have read the complete series to my 5 and 2 year old at least 5 time through. Even my 2 year old yells "Stop", which she learned from the first book. I wish Dr. Stanley will continue writing more to add to our collection. I am an educants fan for life, I always find the best prices here.

    Desi L - Homeschooler, Parent - Member Since June 2015
  • Fred hits it out of the park again!
    Mar 03, 2016

    I love that I can always count on Fred to bring excitement and love of learning to my kiddos and he has not dissapointed! My kids ask for these and love learning with Fred! "Mom these make learning so fun!"

    Shalie G - Homeschooler - Member Since February 2016
  • Great forbeginner readers
    Mar 01, 2016

    These books are wonderful for beginner readers. They are engaging, fun, and encourage interaction. As with the higher level books, our family loves these books.

    Sophia W - Homeschooler, Parent, Teacher, Super-hero - Member Since February 2016
  • Fun Filled books
    Feb 27, 2016

    My older kids read these all in a row, book after book. My younger ones (5 and under) kept picking them out to be read again and again. Fred is once again a great, simple teacher about a variety of things. Definitely recommend these books to add to your collection. If you like Life of Fred math books, you'll like these beginner readers too!

    Sarah L - Member Since October 2014
  • LOF... Just great
    Feb 26, 2016

    My 5 year old is already familiar with the math series, and these were a great addition... l like that each book is short and easy to read in one setting. My son laughs at the silly situations that Fred and Kingie have.

    Larissa K - Homeschooler - Member Since January 2016
  • For LoF Fans
    Feb 26, 2016

    We love the Life of Fred math in our home and so my daughter was super excited to start these. She is about a level 1 reader reading level, so she can only read the first few. So even though they are "beginner" readers they are a wide range of readers. They are simple, silly stories like the books, but more simplified.

    Angela B - Member Since October 2014
  • More LOF fun
    Feb 26, 2016

    My young son has been waiting for his chance to start LOF math like his sisters, because he is intrigued by the stories. I bought him this reader's set for Christmas and he loves them. These are not very early reader books, I would place them between BOB books and Dr Seuss. The concepts are fun, the pictures are simple, and the words will continue to prove challenging for him .

    Shalona B - Member Since August 2014
  • How do these work so well??? Like magic.
    Jan 10, 2016

    I have no idea why these Fred books were the thing that got my almost seven year old to read but they worked like magic. She loves them. She's familiar with Fred from the math series and she wants to dive into the story. So silly and full of clip art and sketches, really basic. But the repetition of words build on each other in a way I didn't even realize at first. She grasped it and is really reading. I'm so happy how much she loves these. I think phonics work great for some, but my daughter just didn't love phonics readers. These aren't really for reading TO your child they are for reading WITH your child and then your child progressing to reading them. I don't think they are for very young children, they would make no sense, you have to have some understanding of the world around you to appreciate them.

    Amber G - Homeschooler - Member Since December 2015
  • Not sold...but my son just turned 2
    Dec 04, 2015

    After seeing this sale posted on an African American Mom Homeschool Facebook group, I thought this was an exciting addition to our bookshelves. I was focused on getting the math books but I don't think he's ready. So I tried these beginner books first. After 3 books in, I'm not sold. My son just turned 2 last week. We read often. There is a lot left from the books in my opinion in terms of words helping to explain the story but I am an engaging reader and my son laughs at my format of delivery. Because the books are color coded, or have been for the first 3, we are incorporating sign language into the words and colors to build other skills while reading. I don't think it's worth it as a reading book for a 2 year old. Personal opinion. Maybe at 4 this will work but we will be on to something new in 2 years.

    Johnika D - Parent - Member Since November 2015
  • They WANT to read!!!
    Nov 13, 2015

    My two oldest sons struggle with reading. They groan everytime it is time to sit down and read. These books arrived in the mail today and my boys were actually excited about them! My oldest son sat down and read the first four books because he wanted to!! He thanked me for getting them and said they are his favorite books out of everything we have read!! I am one happy and encouraged mom!! Thanks! Please write more!!!!

    Kimberly C - Member Since October 2014
  • Great books
    Oct 14, 2015

    My son is a fan of Fred and Kingie and was thrilled when I bought him this series. Despite the readers being very basic for his reading level, he has a blast reading the stories and his 3 year old brother loves them too.

    I wish that Dr. Schmidt publishes more.

    Jessica F - Member Since July 2014
  • We LOVE Fred!
    Oct 12, 2015

    I bought the entire 18 book set of these books. My 4 year old son LOVES them! He begs me to read them to him! I hope they come out with some more of these books!

    Karen W - Parent - Member Since July 2015
    Oct 12, 2015

    Life of Fred books are a favorite in our home. Always excited when new books come out. Even though our son is past the age level for these books, he still wanted to add them to his collection.

    Sammy B - Member Since July 2015

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The Life of Fred contains fun stories about a child prodigy math genius your students can follow along as he gives real-world examples of everything from math to language arts. In the Life of Fred Elementary Math Series, your students will learn everything from telling time, division, beginning algebra, and more!


You can purchase one book at a time or the entire set at a discounted price! Order more as their skills progress such as the Life of Fred Intermediate Series that incorporate biology, physics, and economics using pre-algebra formulas.


The stories carry on through the exercises, and many of the books have a series of quizzes that bridge them to the next chapter. Some books have all the problem solutions in them, while others have separate answer keys or companions.

Written by Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt, these affordable books were designed to keep your students engaged in math while also following along a storyline. Perfect for independent study, each unit teaches concepts that can be applied using real-world examples. Find out more by reading this blog post!


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