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Life of Fred - Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt

About Life of Fred - Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt
The Life of Fred contains fun stories about a child prodigy math genius your students can follow along as he gives real-world examples of everything from math to language arts. In the Life of Fred Elementary Math Series, your students will learn everything from telling time, division, beginning algebra, and more!   You can purchase one book at a time or the entire set at a discounted price! Order more as their skills progress such as the Life of Fred Intermediate Series that incorporate biology, physics, and economics using pre-algebra formulas.   The stories carry on through

Product Reviews

784 Reviews
784 Reviews

    Too good to be true!
    Jan 12, 2017

    I had read a lot of great reviews for these books but had a hard time believing they would be that effective. We borrowed Apples from the library and my boys ages 6 and 10 were sad to see it returned. My 6 year old learned a lot in the first few chapters and my 10 year old was excited about math again! It's fun and easy... so I bought the series. I've never seen my kids so excited to get school books in the mail! Couldn't be happier, I'd recommend them to everyone, especially if your kids are having a hard time with math or not enjoying it. It still amazes me how much they learn in such an easy, short lesson.

    Andrea J - Homeschooler - Member Since August 2016
    Finally- a math book that is fun
    Dec 21, 2016

    My son has always struggled in math. Year after year in public schools, he met with failure and started having social and behavior problems in addition to his academic troubles. His self esteem was rock bottom- just like his math scores, averaging around 23% by eighth grade. Despite an IEP, tutoring, and special allowances- the curriculum remained the same. This meant he continued to be in the dark. After finally withdrawing him from public school, I came across Fred. I read through countless reviews- from both parents and students, claiming success and even entertainment. We were desperate! I gave it a shot. We have been dutifully completing an average of two lessons a day since May 2016 and have brought him from testing into 6th grade math up to high school algebra, averaging 90% and higher on his scores now. For the first time in my son's life, he is succeeding in math. His self esteem has improved drastically. He is taking school seriously and is working hard to catch up. I'm thrilled and excited for him. We always knew he had it in him. We just needed a method that would work for him!

    Emily J - Homeschooler, Parent, Teacher, Super-hero - Member Since June 2016
    Can't get enough
    Dec 14, 2016

    Life of Fred is much more than a math book. My children often share with each other the story they read about Fred. I hear them talking about what they learned at meals and what was happening in Fred's life that day. They really don't even realize they are learning about real life math, among other things.

    Mrs S - Homeschooler - Member Since October 2015
    So far, so good
    Dec 08, 2016

    We've just started the first book with our 6.5-year-old. She's enjoyed the first few chapters. I've read about how some children don't enjoy LoF while others love the series. I think we will be in the latter camp.

    The books are lovely and simple in a high-quality finish. Fred is quirky and keeps the children engaged with his quirks. The chapters are just the right length for one sitting. I'm glad we discovered you, Fred.

    Zainab A - Member Since August 2016
    LOF Apples
    Nov 27, 2016

    This was our first time using a LOF product. We love it. My daughter really likes it and is learning a lot from it.

    Jenn S - Homeschooler - Member Since October 2016

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