Elementary Art Color Theory Pack

Elementary Art Color Theory Pack

Only Passionate Curiosity

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The Color Theory Pack is useful for the entire family or multi-aged classroom! Great for ages 5 to 13, teachers, and homeschoolers. Covers both Vocabulary Arts and Visual Arts. Check out Only Passionate Curiosity's Elementary Arts Pack!

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Learn all about Colors and Color Theory with this Exclusive Educents deal from Only Passionate Curiosity.

Who is it for?

Ages 5 to 13

Works for both teachers and homeschoolers


What is included?

Word Wall cards with Read/Write option

Vocabulary Posters (Hue, Value, Warm colors, Cool colors, Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Tertiary Colors, Complementary/Contrasting Colors)


  • Color Wheels
  • Warm and Cool Colors
  • Experimenting with Hue
  • Experimenting with Value
  • Experimenting with Contrasting Colors
  • Experimenting with Warm and Cool Colors
  • Color Mixing
  • Color Mixing Challenge


Why buy?

Learn all about the basics of color and art.

Comes with coloring cut-outs and worksheets to work with!


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